Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Swap--WHOO HOO

I AM VERY AGGRAVATED WITH BLOGGER RIGHT NOW. I'VE BEEN TRYING TO LOAD MY SWAP PICTURES FOR A WEEK AND HAVE THUS FAR HAD ONE OF THEM UPLOAD. I don't understand what the problem is but I didn't want to wait any longer to do this post. PARTNERS....I'll continue to try and won't give up until it the about the great things I received...

I hosted a swap for Valentine's Day and we had a pretty good turnout of folks who wanted to participate. There were a couple of glitches, but I think everything turned out alright. I haven't had any complaints...

I ended up with THREE swap partners because we had trouble locating a couple of folks ended up not participating after the fact and it was easier just to grab those folks for myself (more for me MORE MORE MORE).

My original partner was Michelle at Doublewide Dreamer . Look at what she sent (darn blogger if the pictures would upload you could see)...candles, fun decorations, scrapbooking supplies, coffee...WOW. There was enough loot to decorate around my house and at the office. Come to find out that Michelle is a middle school teacher and a church musician and piano teacher...just like I used to be.

Then I partnered up with Kathy from Emptynester...She send some things from her favorite hometown shops in Georgetown, Texas. Coffee, a musical pin, a beautiful glass heart paperweight, chocolate truffles...look how big the truffles were! I say "were" because the one I'm holding in my hand (it's a good picture of a white chocolate coated truffle in the palm of my hand)was the last one left by the time I took the photos. YUMMY!

Finally...Sara...From the Desk of Sara. She lives in Canada and the guy at our local yokel shipping shop didn't know how to "send something to a foreign country" so the good old USPS had to do the took them a long time, but the package did eventually get to Sara. More cute things for XOXO pillow (I did some of my best photo taking in this picture that WILL NOT load for love nor money), cute fleece throw, candy, a yummy topping for ice cream or toast...the packaging is in French so I don't exactly know what it says but it is delicious.

I hope that everybody enjoyed the swap...We'll have to do it again sometime! I'll keep trying with the photos....


  1. Wow you did very well! And I'm sure that your partners did well, too! You are a sweetheart for making sure everyone got something!!

  2. Yay for Georgetown! Love that place!

    I've had some problems with Blogger lately as well. I guess it is super over loaded.

    Cool stuff you lucky duck!

  3. My uploaded has been finicky this week, too. It uploaded a picture after 15 minutes of letting it try.

    That was too long for me. I had things to do. So no pictures. :-D

  4. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful swap! Happy Valentine's Day! ♥ Diane

  5. Sorry to read of your Blogger photo woes, which hopefully will disappear on their own. Your swap goodies all sound wonderful. Have a Happy Valentine's Day.

  6. Cute blog! (From a fellow daughter of the South/husband bleeds orange/Presbyterian/foodie...can't remember the other things you listed!)

  7. You are so good to do three swaps!


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