Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm Rambling Again...

I don't know when I've been SO happy for a weekend to arrive ( it was probably last weekend, but indulge me).

The contract thing worked out well for me, but at the last minute, my next door office neighbor got bad news. Her job was eliminated and her only option is to go back into a classroom. My two office doors over neighbor still has a job, but not the one she had before. It was unsettling for all of us, and once again, those of us who were not voted off the island are feeling incredible relief and extraordinary guilt. It's very difficult to know what to say to our friends...

Lorelai went to visit Hanks' mother last night and accompanied her to the local Relay for Life.

Hank and I stayed home, ate shrimp and grits, and watched the season finale of LOST.

Legare finished up his first week of work in Chapel Hill but is bored out of his mind. His friends have mostly scattered for the summer. The boy needs a hobby...everything for him has to have a noble purpose. He reads all the time, but hardly ever just for pleasure. We never could interest him in collecting anything. I told him that he should expand his repertoire of what he knows how to Habitat for Humanity or any other organization and volunteer. He could start watching LOST on DVD from the first season...

Speaking of LOST...Is anybody else out there saying, GOOD GRIEF!!! How can there be a living John Locke and a dead John Locke all at the same time? Is the living one supposed to be the guy who was sitting on the beach with Jacob as the episode began? If the dude Jacob has been alive for years and years and more years and didn't age, how could Ben kill him? Gracious Goodness Me!

Mother and Ned are still happy as can be. We saw them last Sunday and haven't heard a peep all week. Life is good!

So, what have you been doing??


  1. yes. you ask what i have been doing? pondering LOST.

    the white screen at the end even threw me for a loop.

    waaaahh! what am i going to DO this time next year?! i want to find out what happens... but i don't want it to end. hee hee... i just love it so. ;)

  2. And you so deserve all that is good and wonderful!! xoxo

  3. yum! we had shrimp and grits for dinner tonight too!! delicious!

  4. So happy that your contract woes are behind you. And I'm really happy to hear that Ned and Mother seem to be adjusting so well. Maybe Legare should start playing that beautiful cello again! Kathy

  5. Those are sweet words to hear about mother and ned ")

    Shrimp and grits...I don't think I've ever had grits, but if you blogged about them, they must be good. ")

    Glad your job is secure! I can only imagine how difficult it is when people are losing their jobs!

    As for me... busy, busy...and a bit hungry tonight. Had a nice sandwich for lunch, kinda went on autopilot and forgot momentarily that I was tonight I am paying the price. It's ok, I am committed to success!

    Congrats on the 4. A good first week for you!


  6. Belle,

    Thank you so much for your kind words! I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. I am relieved to know that she is in a place where she can get the care that she needs.

    Cherish the moments that you have with her girly!!! Every minute counts.

    Donna Marie

  7. I am so happy that you received the contract and all is good!!!

  8. So glad life is good! Shrimp and grits sounds delicious right now. Mind if I ask for a good recipe?

  9. I understand completely about feeling guilty for feeling happy. Oh, do I ever.

    Life for us: Gary and Bri are camping with the Indian Princesses. For eight years the YMCA father-daughter group has welcomed our daughter and treated her like all of the other girls. A huge thank you goes out to the three sweet girls who befriended the little deaf girl, and made her one of the gang.

    Allie spent yesterday at the beach, and then the evening on a cruise ship, feeling sick while she watched people gamble. That was definitely not her scene, but her boyfriend had fun.

    Send Legare to PA (along with some shrimp and grits for me!). Packing is not very much fun. He can pack with a purpose. :)

  10. Hey there - I saw your link on Donna's blog. Sorry to hear that your mother has Alzheimer's. My dad is beginning the severe stages of Alzheimer's. I have an Alzheimer's blog if you need support, please stop by.

    Take care!


  11. LOST blows me awat everytime! I do think that the living John Locke (Terry O'Quinn is the actors name, and he and my mother dated in college! How crazy is that?) is actually that dude from the beach in the beginning. My fiance thinks that Jacob is supposed to be God, the living John Locke (shape shifter) is supposed to be the Devil and Ben is like the Angel Gabriel. So what I think is the case (if my fiance is correct) is that Jacob isn't really dead, and that the people have found a loop hole in getting on and off the island, but I', assuming that Juliette reset everything with the nuclear bomb? Hahaha. Its so crazy to try to figure out!

  12. i too was thankful for the weekend. and i too am thankful to still have a job. good grief that boy doesnt know how to relax??? wow! amazing!

  13. Hope your weekend was restful and great! Congrats on your contract!

  14. love to have your recipe for shrimp and grits...
    sounds like something good to get lost in!
    as far as losing weight, listen to "french for all seasons" or read the book - really some great tips -
    all about equilibrium and finding balance!

  15. I will definitely be checking back in for that recipe.

    I worked in a similar office to yours and its undergoing similar changes. It's heartbreaking. They're actually throwing a farewell party for the office as they knew it. I guess it's good to get the whole gang (past and present) together, but so hard too.

  16. I'm glad you're still safe and sound on the must be so very very hard. And I'm also glad to hear that your mom and Ned are doing so must be great to have that issue resolved so nicely.

  17. Life is very good. I agree.

    Glad to hear your job it safe.


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