Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pictures of Our Friends' Beautiful Home

We've been back two weeks from our trip to DC and I haven't even had time to upload my pictures. I promised you a tour of a gorgeous home and this post won't disappoint. Hank says that trips like this always cost him money because I come home with all sorts of home improvement ideas. I tried to make a movie in Picasa but clearly don't know what I'm doing. Maybe next time. we go...Our friends said they'd prefer that I didn't give their names or exactly where they live and I completely understand that. They didn't mind; however, if I showed photos.

All children are grown and gone and the grandchild, nieces and nephews live away. This house...let me tell dust, no clutter. Ahhh....bliss!

One of the couple has lived all over the world in the past 20 years. He's a Charleston boy and a great college friend of Hanks. He was in our wedding and was brave enough to let us stay with him about ten years ago when we and our then young children traveled to Europe. He was in Brussels at that time. We stayed there a few days, then he went with us to Paris for a few days, then we dropped him back off in Brussels and headed for Amsterdam. Later he moved to Paris and stayed there several years. Prior to the Europe years, he was in Africa.

Above left and the next two photos below are of what I supposed you'd call the great room. They also have a living room as well as a den. For some reason I didn't get a picture of the living room. There are orchids all over the house.

Formal Dining Room
Two Views of the from the foyer and the other from the great room. You can see that Hank was checking everything out while I was playing photographer.


The Breakfast Room and the Den

--------------------------------------------------------------- There was something of a shopping spree right before the move back to DC from Paris and this lovely console and the two lamps were purchased. Also the smaller chest in the second photo. There are several other pieces as well. -------------------------------------------------------- Several of the guests who were invited to the dinner party on Saturday evening are members of a car club and they drove their refurbished prize-winning cars over. Hank was bitten by the car bug. It appears that he is going "vvrrrrrooooommmmm vvrrrrrooooooooommmmm" but thank goodness he stopped short of that. Here's a funny little reflection that I had. You'll notice that on the other side of the car that Hank is sitting in is an honest to goodness incredible, immaculate, and very expensive Bentley. Nobody...not one single person was oooh-ing or ah-ing over the Bentley, but they were all over the older cars.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!!


  1. Gorgeous!! What a fun weekend. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. It is a lovely home and an inspiration for sure. I love the old cars too.

  3. What a beautiful house!! Thanks for the tour!

  4. Such a lovel home! I love the Paris finds!

  5. That home is so amazing!! I especially love the backyard and decks!! Gorgeous!!

  6. Your friends have an amazing home! Hank is so cute sitting in the car & dreaming! ☺ Diane

  7. Something is missing? Shoes? drink glasses? hmmm - haha!
    Like out of a magazine! Beautiful!

  8. All I can say is "WOW"!! That is some house!!

    I could sit mine in it a couple of times at least!! :o)


  9. I just love to peek inside other people's homes! Thank you and your friends for the tour. Big and beautiful...that's what it is!

  10. Great house. Do you think they are up for more guests ;)


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