Thursday, May 7, 2009


There was an odd dynamic today in our office. I can't put my finger on it precisely but I think that the reorganization is really taking a toll on just about everybody. It's going to all be alright in the long run, but the not knowing...that is tough. People are starting to make things up again...crazy things. I guess the joke will be on me if those crazy things end up coming to pass.
I am finding it hard to believe that Legare has just finished his first year of law school and Lorelai her freshman year at college. Wasn't it just yesterday that we were doing all of that shopping and moving. Wow! BIG WOW!
Legare starts his research job at the university on Monday morning. Lorelai is still looking for a summer job but isn't having any trouble filling up her days with lunches downtown and afternoons on the lake. What a tough life she has.
I get to play "judge" on Saturday at the vocal auditions for our new arts magnet high school. You all haven't forgotten that I was a music major, have you? Should I dress like Paula Abdul?
I really need a vacation. In a hotel. On a beach. With a spa. This one at The Sanctuary on Kiawah Island would do just fine.


  1. I understand exactly what you are going through. Our office is going through a major transition right now, and until things are finalized people are just on pins and needles. I'm so happy that you have an arts magnet high school! How exciting for your community. Keep your chin up, maybe you'll get that vacation on the beach soon. Kathy

  2. I bet you are as relieved as the kids are that they are done for the year!

  3. ooh that vaca sounds perfect=)! i was a music major too! i was a high school orchestra director and had to judge for auditions too! good luck=) isn't it great when you hear a really good audition=)? have fun=)

  4. Please don't dress like Paula. Most of her clothes are hideous. That's my opinion anyway.

    You vacation sound wonderful. Can I come too?

  5. I'm thinking dressing like Paula may be a vacation all on its own. You'll certainly be treated differently. :)

  6. This morning as I was looking at my sister's vacation pictures (she returned from Florida on Wed), I couldn't help but think, "I need a vacation!" I think its just that time of the year!

  7. That looks like a PERFECT vacation spot!
    Yessssssss... you should dress like Paula!
    ENJOY your weekend!

  8. Hope things will calm down soon. We have been through many changes in the past does affect people in strange ways.

    I need a vacation too. Let's meet up and have drinks in those chairs on that balcony ")

  9. I need a vacation too! I am so with you!

  10. As I sprint to the end of yet another school year, it does seem like just a little while ago I was prepping the new backpacks and spit shining the new shoes for the new school year. That escape sounds wonderful. I actually did a lot of the art/framing and mirrors for the Sanctuary redesign a couple of years ago (through their designer) and have yet to see it. *sigh*

  11. Happy Mother's Day sweet friend!

    If you DO decide to dress like Paula, don't forget to take a pic just for us :-)



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