Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lily's Husband Buys a Boat

My secretary Lily, as you know, keeps me straight at work. She also has her hands full with her two daughters, Miss Priss and Song Bird. Then there is her husband Michael.

Michael is one of those guys that the exclamation "oh my goodness, boys and their toys" applies to very well. No sooner did the family sell two jet skis than Michael caught a BAD case of boat fever.

He looked around all last week and found just the right boat. On Friday morning, he went to the bank to get a check to take to purchase the boat. (It's important to mention right about now that Lily handles all of the bank accounts and paying of the bills.) Michael walks up to the teller (remember we live in a small town where everybody knows everybody's business) and says, OK...I'm here to get the check to buy my boat...what do I need to do? The teller looked up from what she was doing and hesitated for just a split second. Before she could speak, Michael said, OH...I promise it's alright. Lily knows ALL about it and she said I could!

You can't make this stuff up...I'm starting to think I need my own reality show.


  1. I guess the key piece of info would be "did Lily really know?" haha. Looks to me like he's got it made! She manages the money, and he buys his toys!! Fun!! ;-) xoxo

  2. LOL that is too funny. Too bad all husbands are trained that well!!! I bet the teller laughed about that one for awhile after he left!

  3. Very cute...gotta love those small towns! Actually, I think it would be fun living in a town where everybody knows everybody. People are so transient in big cities.

  4. That's so hilarious...and this is 2009.

    Didn't think the world was like that anymore.



  5. That's too funny!! At least she knew about it....that's good!!


  6. What a hoot! She's good!


  7. I think you do! Better than Jon and Kate Plus 8! LOL!


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