Monday, May 11, 2009

Weight Watchers Day One

I'm not going to post about my weight loss brouhaha everyday but Day One bears a short story.

I got up this morning ready to go...ate my Special K (dry cereal 2 points) breakfast, drank my black coffee and headed out to work with great energy and enthusiasm. Two people commented on the pep in my step as I bounced up the stairs. My secretary, Lily, always appreciates it when I forewarn her about my new projects, be they exercise or diet or yoga or whatever, so I told her first thing about the new life plan for losing the 20 pounds I've gained. We made some coffee and got to work.

The morning flew by...busy little bees were we. I was still feeling pretty energetic at lunchtime so I took my coupons and sale papers and ran to the grocery store, then home to eat a Lean Cuisine. Delicious...some kind of BBQ chicken pizza (7 points) and an apple (1 point).

I bounced back into the office about 12:45 pm and got right back to work.

About 2:00, things started going downhill. The pep in my step and every bit of willpower VANISHED. I wanted 2:30, I was ready to plunder and pillage through every desk drawer in the whole building but got hold of myself and decided that coffee would help. WE WERE OUT OF COFFEE! As Lily returned from lunch at 2:30, I grabbed my purse and said, Call the coffee shop and tell them I'll be at the drive through window in three minutes...they need to have a LARGE coffee ready to go! (You can do this sort of thing at the locally owned coffee shop in a small town)

Bill, the coffee guy, was standing there at the window when I drove up. I don't know what Lily told him but his hands were shaking just a little bit as he said, I'm SORRY, we're out of large cups!!!! Bless his heart, he had filled that medium sized cup up as full as he possibly could.

I got back to work with my coffee and retreated to my little corner to shake off the "I need chocolate right now" twitches. As I walked by Lily's desk, my colleague Susan was asking about the fax machine and the fact that it was blinking automatic redial...she wanted to know what it meant. I chimed in...It means that you're in the seventh circle of fax machine HELL...that's what it means. It's going to dial and dial and dial and dial and never EVER connect. NEVER!

Lily followed me to my office and asked...What in the world happened between the time I left for lunch and now? You were in such a good mood! Do you need chocolate?

Another colleague, Barbara, helpful as ever, offered to go find me some offer that Lily quickly REFUSED on my behalf. NO...absolutely not...Belle cannot have any chocolate. We just have to hang in here for three days. She will fine after three days. We've been through this before. It will pass in THREE DAYS!

I'm not sure who she was trying to or herself. But you have to admit...I'm a lucky belle to have Lily watching out for me!


  1. Lily sounds like the best secretary! Hang in there. I suggest the Special K with chocolate in it. A little bowl of that and you'll be feeling great again!

  2. Oh my goodness... that is funny, in a sad way!!! I know those withdrawals are hard... cant you have a hershey's kiss.. or a piece of DARK chocolate? I'm not helping, am I?....

    At least you have the coffee guy ready to go at a snap of a finger... that's awesome!

    hang in there!!! That first weigh in will all be worth it!

  3. Good luck! I am sure you will make it!

  4. Do not cave!! Lily's right - in 3 days you'll be good as gold! Hang in there.

  5. Go get yourself a box of 100 calorie chocolate Hostess cupcakes. THREE little cupcakes for ONE POINT. And the little chocolate WW cakes are REALLY good too. One point as well. And fudge bars? ZERO POINTS!

  6. Frankly, it seems obvious there was some kind of a plot. (Heh-heh-heh.) I have to love your secretary, and you are so smart to give her a heads up before any new significant endeavors!

    Good luck this week Miss Belle, we are pulling for you,

  7. You can do can do CAN do IT!!!

    (I just wish I Could!!!)

    Hang in there!


  8. What a great friend you have! Good luck :)

  9. I love Weight Watchers! So far I've lost 7.2 pounds.I think you need a bigger breakfast (fruit or yogurt to go along with the cereal) and some sweet alternatives. Other commenters gave good suggestions - I really like the 100 Calorie Pack Chips Ahoy for 2 points during a sweet craving at work. If you learn what satisfies you but is low in points you'll be able to stick with it!

  10. What's wrong with a little piece of dark chocolate?! That's my treat....every single day.

    Good for you for making it through the day. I'm cheering you on.


  11. Lily sounds like a jewel! Today was my day also...I need to lose about 10-15 pounds (darn menopause). I did pretty good today too. I cut back on the Pepsi, watched my carbs, and exercised. Slowly but surely!

  12. I'm still laughing picturing the coffee man frantically brewing that coffee for you and realizing he was out of large cups! Lily must have convinced him this was a true emergency. What a great friend. Hang in there, it will get better eventually. Sorry about the cake post, had no idea that was going to coincide with D-day! Kathy

  13. I'm with Kat--I think a little piece of dark chocolate wouldn't mess with your diet.

  14. Oh my, too funny and I've been there - done that one!

    Vitamins help... Pick up a bottle of sublingual B vitamins, I buy them at Walmart. They work so much better than the pills. Folic acid will help alleviate the sugar & chocolate cravings. Magnesium & zinc help too. So run - don't walk to the vitamin department at Walmart! (I need to go on a diet, but haven't yet... you know how that one goes. I had gotten out of the aforementioned vitamin habit & just ate everything in site & wanted more. After getting back into the habit, I eat less & I'm more satisfied. I've also lost 5 lbs without going on a "diet", I'm just not as hungry & don't have the cravings.) Good luck! ☺ Diane

  15. Go Belle, Go! You can DO IT! Lucky you indeed, Lily sounds like a great buddy... can I borrow her?

  16. A woman came in to the restaurant today with a t-shirt that said
    Out of Chocolate
    Life is Crap

    You sooo needed that today!

  17. Oh Belle! You brave girl, you can do it! Two more days!!!

    I did WW and I so desperately need to do it now. I have been contemplating starting for months.

    Let this be my day 1.

    I'll have to pay attention and see if my suffering ends on day 3.

  18. You can do it! Go Belle! I wish I had a Lily in my corner to follow me around every day. I might actually start to lose some weight! LOL Good luck to you, in all seriousness, I know it's hard.

  19. I am laughing so hard reading this are sooooo funny! I have always said that if I can't have the food I want...when I want it, I'm awful to be around. It's amazing what food does for us isn't it? I totally feel your pain:)


    I just rejoined WW again. If you are craving chocolate the fiber one choc chip bars are 2 pts and they are good. Be ready for some intense fiber though. There will be consequences. My other go to low point snacks for a chocolate craving are kudos bars or hunts ff choc pudding (must have with redi-wip). Good luck!

  21. Congrats and wow, what willpower! I enjoyed reading this and the way you made the story fun and light-hearted. sounds like you have a real friend - what would we do without them??? Best wishes for continued success.


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