Monday, March 22, 2010

One Ringy Dingy...

I'm lucky to work with a Deputy Boss who "gets" my snarky sense of humor. If he didn' could be bad.

We've been have telephone problems here at home. The county is doing some water line work, and every now and then incoming calls get bumped somehow. We'll hear one little "brrriinnnggg" and then nothing.

Apparently, the people on the other end also hear it ring once and then static. Deputy Boss told me one day last week that he'd tried to call a couple of times the evening before and couldn't get through.

Yesterday afternoon, he tried to call and we were having the problem again. This morning we had a little exchange...

DB - I tried to call you yesterday afternoon. Your phone is out of order again.

Belle - I know...we kept hearing that little "brriinnnggg" and then nothing.

DB - Did you call the telephone company? You need to call the telephone company.

Belle - That's probably a good idea.

(OK...So, I went back to my office and got to work and did NOT call the telephone company...)

Later in the day...

DB - Did you call the telephone company? You need to call the telephone company.

Belle - I didn't want to tell you this but, you know that ring and static you heard?

DB - Yes...

Belle - That's what you hear when the other person has your number blocked.

DB - Call the telephone company!

I called the telephone company.


  1. Sounds like Deputy Boss has a fun sense of humor. And I LOVE Ernestine (snort, snort) Kathy

  2. You're hilarious!! Love it. xoxo

  3. Hehehehe!

    You bad girl!


  4. Spoken like a true smart ass!

  5. Very funny!

    Lilly Tomlin was playing when were in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. I bet she's got a great show.

  6. hahahah- love it.
    new follower

  7. Everyone should "get" your sense of humor. You're a hoot!!!


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