Thursday, March 4, 2010

What true friends will do for you...

I'm fortunate to have some great friends at work. I told Hank this afternoon that he really owed them for letting me vent, so that he didn't have to listen to HALF of what he might have to otherwise.

My flying monkey situation is going reasonably well, but this morning a little glitch in my time line made me all twitchy. There wasn't a thing that the monkeys could do, so about 10:15, I told my friend and colleague Ted that we just HAD to go to Henry's for lunch. (Go HERE to read about Henry's) Henry's can fix a multitude of woes, so about 11:45, Ted, Maura and I larked out.

I've known Ted for a long time and we've eaten lunch together, often several times a week, for years. Ted understands Belle-talk and sometimes even translates for others. Here are several examples from today.

Scene 1...Ted, Maura, and Belle approach Henry's. Belle opens the door and says...
"WELL, this is just the LAST STRAW"

Maura: What's wrong? Ted: There are people sitting at her two favorite tables. Go over to the booth on the left. Just let her sit on that side (he points) by herself and she'll be OK.

Scene 2...Ted, Maura and Belle are handed menus. Belle puts hers on the table without looking at it and proclaims, "There's no question!"

Maura: What is she having? Ted: Today is a cheeseburger day.

Scene 3...Ted, Maura and Belle are finishing dessert. Belle takes the last bite of her Boston Cream Pie, stands up and says, "Wait right here, I'm going to do it!!!"

Maura: Where is she going? Ted: She's going to get another piece of pie.

Know what? I WAS...but divine providence saved me from myself because the last piece of Boston Cream had just been claimed. I didn't think it would be right to snatch it out of the hands of the kid sitting at the counter with his dad.

God bless true friends who understand you, are patient with you, pay for your lunch (thanks Maura!!!) and don't judge you for wanting two pieces of pie when you're feeling twitchy!


  1. I love having friends like that... and know you well enough to even finish your sentences so you don't have to!

  2. If the thought of a piece of Boston Cream Pie wasn't overtaking all thought, I might have a comment about good friends.

    March 4th was my daddy's 79th birthday. He always asked for Boston Cream for his birthday. I doubt my stepmom bakes him one, but my mom always did!

  3. Too funny! Been reading for a while, but have never commented. I'm in education, too, as a high school business technology teacher. I have some students who can "read" me like that! Scary!

  4. Friends are the best - way to go, Ted and Maura!

  5. I am crazy about this post.

    You do have lunch often. And great friends to enjoy it with :)

  6. Everyone needs a Ted.

    Sending you a smile!

  7. Don't you hate it when people sit at YOUR table...LOVE Ted!

  8. Wish I had a Ted. Or any man who understands me. LOL



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