Friday, April 30, 2010

Finally...the weekend!

So, everybody at work is sitting on pins and needles. Like last year this time, budgets are in awful shape and jobs are being eliminated. I'm safe because of my reassignment to the middle college, but my central office colleagues still don't know their fate. Our state legislators just simply DO NOT CARE about public education. It is a SIN and a shame. HEAR THIS....if you are an incumbent I will be voting against you when I next walk into a voting booth and will encourage my friends and family to do the same. Shame, shame, SHAME ON YOU! If you are a legislator in the fine State of South Carolina, feel free to try to explain yourself. I'll be happy to let you try...

On a brighter note, tomorrow is Derby Day and we'll be heading up to McClellanville to a party hosted by one of Hank's co-workers. We attended last year for the first time and enjoyed a delightful afternoon and evening. Good food and great conversation. I didn't know a single soul there with the exception of the host and hostess, but they sure know how to throw a party....and I DO love a well-concocted mint julep.

Lorelai is done with exams and heading to the beach for the week. Legare has one more exam and I'm told he plans to make an appearance for Mother's Day before he takes some beach time before heading to Charlotte to work for the summer.

Mother and Ned are hanging in there. I'm thinking of getting Ned an I-Pad. He needs to broaden his horizons from the radio and TV to something a bit more interactive.

Do you have an I-Pad or know somebody who does? Any thoughts or opinions that might help me decide what to do?

Happy Friday, my friends. Enjoy the weekend!


  1. The GA education system is in dire straits too they are forcing older educator some as young as 50 to retire!

  2. Our legislators are morons if you ask me. They don't seem to put any value on education- public K-12 or higher ed. I don't know how they think our state will ever progress economically if we do not adequately educate our children and young adults- the future of this state!

  3. Don't get me started on the legislature and their attempts to "fix" public education! Things are stressful in FL too!

  4. I have an iPad and I love it! My husband showed me how to download books and a lot of them are free! It does everything! It is easy to use and well worth the price. My husband and I both got them (pre-ordered) and when we played with them at work, everyone was envious. I will be honest and say that there are many features that I am not aware of but you can play solitaire, which Ned may or may not enjoy plus other fun apps you can download. Many are free as well. Good Luck.

  5. Here is an article and there is a video on You Tube by Steve Jobs talking about it as well.

    Or go to the Apple website and watch the tutorials.

  6. Have fun at your Derby party. I'm glad your job is safe for next year due to your re-assignment, but I know a lot of teachers who are nervous about their jobs here in NC. I lost my job in a cut-back last spring. Have a great weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

  7. For shame indeed! Every election year we hear the same thing - education is our top priority. And every legislative session, they prove that it is not. They are having massive cutbacks in the Dallas and Houston areas, but so far our school district seems to have been able to manage rapid growth and falling tax valuations in stride. We'll see if that continues. Glad that your job is safe, it sounds like a wonderful opportunity for so many students! Kathy

  8. I have info. I'm gonna forward an email to you. Give me your gut feelings ;-) xoxo

  9. I hope you enjoyed derby day...i would LOVE to be at the's on my bucket list =)

  10. I agree totally with your thoughts about our legislators. ugh!

    My son (the geek) has an iPad and simply loves it. I want one too. But, with the costs of the wedding, no such luck. sigh


  11. Isn't it crazy how we pay athletes and actors huge amounts of money, but leave our education system to fend for itself?!

    I hope you had fun at your Derby party. My daughter attended the Gold Cup Steeple Chase in Virginia last weekend. And aside from getting a sunburn, she had a wonderful time!

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!

    Kat :)

  12. Our county school system is dropping 750 positions, which makes me glad we moved into the smaller city system. Things are tough in the city, too, but they are trying to just save money by attrition rather than cuts.


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