Saturday, August 28, 2010

Indoor Plumbing....and a weekend!

So...nobody had to use the portable potties.  THANK goodness!  The compromised water main was repaired by the time we got back to school on Thursday morning.  The bathrooms were all nice and clean and the only reminder of the hullabaloo was that the water fountains were off limits...bacteria or some such nuisance.

I've stayed true to my promise to leave work AT work for the weekend.  I woke up around 7:15 a.m., enjoyed a couple of hours of coffee and reading the newspaper and a few magazines and catalogues that had piled up...paid some bills for mother and Ned, and decided to make a pedicure appointment.  Did a little shopping...nothing spectacular.  Cleaned all of my make-up brushes...gathered some things for Goodwill...watched a couple of episodes of Say Yes to the Dress-Atlanta.  Merciful days...the Atlanta version is SO much better than the other one at Kleinsfeld's where most of the brides look like they should be on Jersey Shore.

Sue called...then Meg called.  I tried to call Lorelai but she didn't answer...nothing like your kids screening your calls.  (By the way, who is paying for those cell phones?  Wait, that would be your parents so you might want to answer sometime.)

Deer season opened on August 15 and Hank has been about to die to go hunting so he went over to the farm this morning.  He picked up Ned and let him spend the middle part of the day with him before he went to sit in the stand.  Ned loves the farm.  It's dark now and I haven't gotten a victory call so I'm imagining that the "big one" kept his distance this afternoon.  I reckon Hank will roll in in a little while. 

In the meantime, I think the perfect ending to my relaxing day would be a nice hot bubble bath. 

Sorry I don't have anything spectacularly interesting to share...considering that I'm still in the throes of the start of the new school year, a quiet weekend at home with no work IS spectacular!!


  1. Well, at least your Saturday was more productive than mine! Slept late which is something I don't normally do, and needed to get some things done today but ended up not doing a thing!! Pure-tee lazy!


  2. You deserved a day to just take it easy and do nothing. My husband says the same thing about our daughter's cell phone when she does not answer. It makes him so mad! I'm gonna have to check out the Atlanta version of Say Yes to the Dress. In the summer I watch the NY one with Adelaide all the time. We love anything to do with weddings!!! Glad you got the water problem fixed at school. Hang in there. I'm sure things will be fine! Enjoy your Sunday. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. Your day sounds so wonderful!
    I wish mine had been just like it, sadly I had a dirty house and no cleaning crew. I think I need a cleaning crew.
    You have worked so hard, relax and enjoy your down time!

  4. My little one needed to use the potty at a county fair today, and I thought I was going to die. Seriously, I have avoided those contraptions for YEARS! Then today happened - I even had a little potty in the car for such emergency, but Todd had the keys and wasn't with me. You'd love to know that all she could say over and over and over was, "But Mommy, this is gross. This is gross. I don't like it. " God bless that two-year-old. Every once and awhile she says something or does something that makes me realize she is all mine.

    Glad you avoided such a nightmare. Happy weekend, Belle!

  5. I think a quiet weekend at home sounds delicious. Hope you're enjoying the last moments!

  6. So proud of you for leaving work at work! Plus, having sent all the kids home successfully is great! Sounds like you are off to a wonderful start to the year...I am sure it will be smooth sailing from here. CONGRATS to you and pats on the back! You deserve it for all your hard work.

  7. Hope you enjoyed a relaxing low keyed weekend.

    I start school this week ~ I'm sad to say goodbye to summer but looking forward to my students sweet faces.

    Send Lorelai on over for the middle of the night wake up call. I'm sure that will take the edge off of wanting a new puppy ~ at least for a little while. I must admit that he is awfully darn sweet :)


  8. I absolutely love your blog, posts and layout of your blog.
    I enjoy recieving your updates and as a Southern Belle myself I find myself relating to you!


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