Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap

I've not been able to find my usual holiday Peppermint Dish Soap...not from Williams Sonoma nor Mrs. Meyers Clean Day.  Ran across Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap/Peppermint the other day in Target and decided to give it a try.  It smells heavenly...not sure about using it full strength or diluting it.

Does anybody have any experience with Dr. Bronner's?


  1. Love this stuff and for sure dilute it.
    I haven't used the peppemint. Let me know.

  2. the peppermint sounds wonderful....have not used it...

  3. Oh this brings back some memories. My mother used this on us kids all the time, but especially the peppermint when we were sick. It cleared our noses and it was soothing to achey muscles.
    I've never tried the other scents, but I love the peppermint. We used the liquid. This has put the idea back into my head to purchase a few of these...thanks.

  4. My daughter had to bring this to a camp in N. Minnesota where they "bathed" in the lake, but I use it full strength to refill all my hand soap dispensers. It's thinner and it dries up on opening of the pump so you have to remove the little piece of dried soap or it goes flying when you pump it, so be forewarned. But it's the only thing I use for refills.

  5. 'Sorry, haven't tried the peppermint, so I'm not much help here!!


  6. Their factory isn't too far from me! So their stuff is really well known in the area, and it's fantastic. I love love the way it smells (especially the peppermint), though the feeling on the skin is a bit different than other soaps. I don't dilute, you just don't have to use very much. I highly recommend it!


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