Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yes indeed...I believe in Santa Claus.

I am loving the time off from work.  Legare got home last night and he and I spent the day in Charleston picking up a few last minute things.  In the past year or so, he's taken a shine to cooking and really enjoys himself when he's home and we're paying for the groceries.  Hank and I enjoy the fact the Legare enjoys cooking. During the work week, we lead a dull existence from a culinary perspective.  So...in the spirit of everybody enjoying the holidays in their own way, we wrapped up our afternoon at Whole Foods.  As I sit here nursing a tibble of Maker's Mark, Legare is making a Beef Bourguignon for dinner.  The house smells divine...and on a Tuesday night!!!  Amazing.

Tomorrow morning, I'm meeting my friend Ted at Starbucks then he and I are going out for lunch.  Since Ted and I don't work in the same office anymore, we have loads to catch up on.  Who said what to whom when and all manner of "he/she did WHAT??" will be the gist of the conversation.  I'll spend tomorrow afternoon getting "santa" ready for mother and Ned. 

Mother is obsessed with "does Ned really believe in Santa Claus?"  He's never said the words, "Santa is not real," so nobody is going to burst his bubble on my watch...including mother, I do hope and pray.  A year ago, she never would have entertained the thought but these days, who in the world knows what she might say.  I'll tell you this much...while Legare and Lorelai know what's what, both of them will tell you in a heartbeat that they believe. 

When Legare hit the age of questioning, Lorelai was still little.  Our response to him was this..."as long as you believe, you get toys and gifts from Santa.  When you say you don't believe, Santa will stop coming and you'll just get a present from mommy and daddy."  He never mentioned it again.  When Lorelai posed the question a few years later, Legare was quick to tell her exactly what we'd told him, almost word for word.

All these years later, we still have so much fun...letters to Santa and the whole nine yards.  It makes me smile.

What's making you smile??


  1. "a tibble of Marker's Mark" - I have a deep and abiding love for MM. You are my kind of girl!

  2. What's making me smile...giving.

    Santa. Grown children.




    Merry Christmas!


  3. Enjoy your time off. You certainly deserve it!!! Oh, to be in Charleston getting ready for Christmas. That sounds divine. My daughters and I are needing a Charleston fix! I hope we can get down there this next year. I believe!!!! Loved your story about Legare and Santa. So cute! What's making me smile? Time with family this Christmas, especially my parents, since they are getting on up there in years. Christmas cookies, family traditions, Christmas lights, songs of the season, celebrating Jesus' birth, celebrating the fact that I am now considered cancer free! I could go on and on........ Life is good. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time with Legare home {and eating well, too!}.

    Happy Holidays!


  5. "What makes me smile?"

    My 5 year old grandson who is now living with us, coming to me and asking when am I going to get his Christmas present? (I have not yet gone Christmas shopping, so there are no presents under the tree as of yet!) That seems to be a big concern of his....

    I too told my daughters the same thing when they were young and questioned "is Santa real"? After I told them there would be no more gifts from him, they quit asking!

  6. I love the response to the Santa question. My oldest is 8 and I've been afraid this might be his last year to believe in Santa.

    What makes me happy right now? Time off to just STAY AT HOME and enjoy my family!

  7. I am smiling because I have just one more gift to get! And, because I was out early this morning and it wasn't really crazy out there!
    Have a great one!

  8. Oh my gravy...I just had my 8 year old daughter ask my if Santa was really, really real. What in the world do you say to an ever so wise 8 year old? She's caught on to the Tooth Fairy this year (which hasn't stopped her from expecting a generous ammount of loot in exchange for her tooth, she just brings the tooth directly to me now along with my billfold) and is close on the Easter Bunny's tail.
    I think 8 years old is a wee bit young to stop believing, but I really like your approach and I'm going to use those exact words too. Thank you very much.
    I'm having a get together at my place next week, how would Lagare feel about coming to share his culinary talent at our place? I'm so not interested in cooking for a large group right now.

  9. Hope your entire family, espically Ned and Mother have a fabulous Christmas! Your blog is such fun to read..I can relate to every school story and your family is simply typical Southern that I totally understand every post about them...love it! Hope Santa is good to all of you!


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