Friday, December 3, 2010

Student Quote of the Week

Two of my more rambunctious lads at school REALLY disappointed me one day this week.  I quite often take such offenders into the office and sit quietly and give them "the look."   The look...especially when combined with the silent treatment can be a tremendously effective disciplinary tool. It only takes a few minutes and they start confessing and saying their sorry.  Lots of times girls will start crying.  Getting mad just makes the troublemakers defensive.  "The look" makes them feel ashamed.

Student Quote of the Week:  "Mrs. Southern!!!!   PULEEEEEZE stop looking at me with those EYES!"

Lordy, you'd a thought I was this guy...

...or maybe this one...

In short order, the two boys apologized to the young lady whose feelings they'd hurt AND to the teacher whose class they'd disrupted.

Dang....I'm GOOD!


  1. lol! You are good. You should post a tutorial on exactly how to do "that look!"

  2. I just found your blog and I cracked up when I read today's entry! I knew immediately what you were talking about because I am a former principal. I had "that look" down pat! What a job! There is never a dull moment :-)

    I am glad I stumbled up your blog.

  3. Loved your post! I can just see you now with your "look"!!! I could have a look too, even with my 3 year olds and they would tow the line, for sure!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  4. lol.....the look, huh? Would that work on ill mannered customers?!?


  5. You are the best! I can see those fellas squirming in their seats! Cait has been posting some of the comments her kids make at school, and it's hysterical. One of her little ones asked her to take her hair down. When she did, they said "Miss, you should wear your hair like that. Then you look pretty!" LOL, kids are so funny, no edit button on their mouths. Kat

  6. So nice to have your effectiveness validated ;-). Never underestimate a Southern Belle's power! xoxo

  7. You are good girl! Thank you for swinging by to say hello.
    hugs ~lynne~

  8. I love giving "the look" to my fourth graders... You are right. That, and "I'm so disappointed in you." works every time!

  9. I am impressed by your mighty powers

    I think I need to hone mine for my kids. Getting angry isn't working!

  10. I recently got The Look from my daughter's principal for parking in the wrong pot (I didn't know!!). It's scary for adults, too, lol.

  11. I'm doing my student teaching now, and during my first lesson, I had a student talk when I was talking. Apparently, I gave him "the look." I didn't even realize I'd done it until later, when my co-operating teacher said, "Oh, you'll be a good teacher. You've already got the 'teacher look' down."

    Thanks for the post!



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