Sunday, January 30, 2011

Musical Ned and Ned, the Clemson Fan

My brother Ned has always loved music.  When he was little he had a drum set.

Good times. 

Later, he had any number of banjos and guitars and keyboards. He couldn't play any of them but he THOUGHT that he could and nobody ever told him any different. He'd play at it and sing to the top of his lungs. Trust me, if it's your birthday then you want Ned there to lead the singing.  He harmonizes nicely up a major third on the last part of Happy Birthday to YOU!

Friends of one of his housemates stopped by the other day on their way home from a band competition. Ned felt compelled to show off his talent and the kids were fun loving and patient.

He's really concentrating...

Ned has NOT always been a Clemson fan.  He's always been partial to the OTHERS from our state, although I can't for the life of me imagine why. Yesterday, he went to see Clemson beat the mud out of those Seminoles from Florida State. I watched on TV hoping that I'd see Hank and Ned but they must have been too good lookin' for the cameras. Hank got one picture...sort of...with his phone but it didn't turn out.

Lorelai met them after the game for ice cream at the student center. (If you've never had Clemson University's world famous student-produced ice cream then you've missed out on a BIG treat.)  She said that Ned looked exhausted...getting up at 6 AM, riding three hours and going to his first college game EVER 'bout wore him slap out.  He says he can't wait to go again....maybe I'll get to go next time.  I felt kind of left out sitting here at home by myself. 

Have a good week, my friends.  It's a topsy turvey one for me...three full days of meetings outside of my building and two of the days in Columbia AND Hank is moving his mother to Green Grove on Tuesday.  I should have a bunch of new blog material by next weekend. See you then, if not before.


  1. So glad Ned had a good time..I think that was extra special for your hubby to take him! And so glad Clemson won!!


  2. Sounds like Ned had a great time. I'm happy that Clemson won (PLEASE don't tell my brother I said that out loud) for Ned's sake. How special that those kids stopped by on their way home from competition. I know how exhausting those things can be. Ned looks like a natural on the vibes! Looking forward to your post next weekend, it should be interesting! Kat


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