Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Preppy Possum Christmas Present

Legare's pal Robert came up with a very creative gift this year.  He had his good friend and Asheboro, North Carolina artist Nikki Cherry of The Preppy Possum create a painting of the dog that we had when Legare was little...Legare's first pet...a big old droopy bassett hound named Hampton. Hank and I were in on the surprise as we had to provide a photo of Hampton.  Robert came to spend a few days with us so Nikki drove him down and presented the painting to Legare in person.  Go over to her website and clink on her Facebook link.  If you do that, you'll get updates on her latest work and where she's having shows.  Nikki is cute as a button, so if you're aware of any shows happening in your area, I know she'd love to know about them so that she could wrangle herself an invitation...or just show up!!  That's how we roll here in the Land of Belle.

Go visit Nikki...I'm counting on you!!!


  1. Love the painting. I located Preppy Possum on FB. I think I might send her link to a local business and art gallery. Love her work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the painting! What a unique, thoughtful gift. Off to visit her website now. Kat

  3. What a fabulous gift for so many reasons!


  4. That picture is adorable! Love it and will check out her website.
    Cindy Eckhart of "Sweet Tea with Cindy" blog


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