Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's going on....

Not much...back at work after the exciting winter weather last week.  New challenges.  Clearly, not much to report so I give you a few random thoughts.

#1:  A fairly high profile individual in our region decided to leave his post last week.  Not sure why exactly.  This afternoon, somebody made mention about some of the comments left online in response to a newspaper article.  I never read the paper online but just logged on to take a look. There are a multitude of opinions.  Nearly every single commenter thinks that he or she is THE expert and most imply that they are "in the know" in some super secret sort of way.  Nary a one owns up to a real identity.  I wouldn't either if I didn't have any better grasp on spelling, grammar, or punctuation...

#2: I hosted the Kappa Kappa Iota meeting this afternoon.  I do so enjoy getting together each month with our little group of ladies.

#3:  Glory HALLELUJAH!  Hank's mother has finally agreed to move to Green Grove.  You have NO IDEA how much easier this is going to make our lives.  She will be four doors down from my mother.

#4:  Legare has posted on his facebook page that he wants "to be a lawyer and gentleman farmer."  All very Jeffersonian, isn't it?  I'm thinking it's not such a reach...he graduates from law school in May and we have a farm.  He could be a country lawyer and live off of the land instead of moving to Charlotte.

#5:  UNC 75     Clemson 65     Go HEELS!  You know we never take sides when these two teams play each other.  Clemson has lost to UNC in Chapel Hill 55 times in a NCAA record for the most consecutive wins at home against a single opponant.

#6:  I're astounded by my knowledge of sports trivia.


  1. Love your tidbits of information...always enjoyable!! Glad Hank's mom is moving closer by! Know that will help out tremendously!


  2. At first I thought that item number might have to do with the mess in Raleigh, then I realized that Raleigh is in NC - silly me! Wonderful news about Hank's mother! And Legare as country lawyer - the next Atticus Finch? Hope you are having a wonderful week. Kat

  3. Ed was literally yelling at the refs through the TV last night. He stands by the fact that Clemson will never win in Chapel Hill because the refs will not let them. I just humor him and nod because, well, I could care less, of course ;-) A house divided and all that! (Although he swears the day we get married, I have to become a Clemson fan- ahem, no chance.)

  4. Belle, are you and my mom in the same KKI group?

    A country farmer living off the land sounds divine!

  5. Love Legare :-) How precious is he!!! New semester for me, too. Several changes, but good ones. Yay about Hank's mom and I love your sports knowledge. :-) xoxo

  6. Belle,
    I'm new to your blog, and this is my first comment. I enjoy your wit and charm. Random thought #1 struck a chord with me. I was taught by my granny, "if you can't give an opinion without hiding behind anonymity you should keep it to yourself". This practice has served me well.
    Thanks for the entertaining blog!
    Best Regards,
    Micah Jamie
    P.S. I was raised by a gentleman farmer and an attorney and it is indeed a precious life.


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