Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Things About Me

OK...so I'm still "blocked." Here's another repeat (with a few updates) from early on in my blogging life. Some of you probably never saw it...

Some of the most interesting posts I've read since I started blogging are the ones where folks write "7 Random Things About Myself" or "100 Things About Myself"...I can probably come up with more than seven but not likely up to 100. Let's see...

1. I have a Masters Degree in Educational Administration and am a district office administrator. I got there by way of being a music teacher and church musician. I play the piano, organ, and sing reasonably well.

2. I glom onto a new hobby and become obsessive, but only for awhile and then I move on to another new hobby and become obsessive about that. Lately, I've switched back and forth between interior design, quilting, scrapbooking, and now blogging. I read all the time...that really isn't a hobby for me, it's just a way of life.

3. I've been married to the same sweet, wonderful, patient man for 26 years.

4. I've lost 30 pounds since January 1 of this year. Since I originally wrote the post I've gained 20 of those pounds back. I'm very annoyed with myself.

5. I'm incredibly judgemental regarding the wearing of white shoes after Labor Day. Athletic-type shoes do not count. White skirts and pants need to be put away too. Seersucker can be worn until the first official day of fall.

6. I had the same college roommate for all four years and we remain close to this day.

7. I have serious control issues...that would be a whole other long list for another time.

8. I make the world's best pecan pie.

9. I adore Jimmy Carter. I know he's said some things recently that have put people off a little bit but nobody is perfect and I still maintain that he has served as a fine statesman since his term as POTUS.

10. If I could take an extended vacation, I'd choose to go on a road trip and visit as many southern main streets as I could. I'd visit the little shops, eat in the diners, and stay in the bed and breakfasts. I'd start in Oxford, MS and go to Rowan Oak, the home of William Faulkner.

11. I'm fascinated with Washington, DC...the Capital and White House, the monuments and museums. I can feel the history.

12. I've never once entertained the thought of using an illegal substance.

13. We own a farm several counties over...the property came into our family through a land grant sometime around 1740, give or take.

14. I like my job, my boss, and the people I work with (mostly). OK ...so you know that things have been a little stressful in the last six months but I'm feeling better. All the "rules" are new but I'm beginning to get the hang of them.

15. I've never lived alone. I went from my parent's house to college. I graduated from college in May then moved back in with my mother for two months until I got married in July.

16. I love sweets and the sweeter the better. Potato chips and the like don't tempt me at all.

17. My most favorite pass time is telling other people what they should do to make their lives/situations better. Do as I SAY, not as I DO! LOL

18. I go through the same morning routine Monday through Friday unless something unusual is going on. Wake up, bathroom, shower, coffee, Today Show and blog surf until the first commercial break around 7:20 AM, brush teeth, make up, hair, drive to work eating protein bar on the way. Not so much with the protein bars anymore...hence the weight gain.

19. My most favorite movie in the whole world that was ever made is The Big Chill. The funeral home in my little hometown provided the hearse for the funeral scenes, and the florist in my little hometown where my mother-in-law used to work did all of the flowers. I was in a wedding one time in the church used for the funeral scene.

20. My daddy passed away when I was 19 during the summer between my sophomore and junior years in college. He was retired from the Army Reserve and was a Postmaster.

21. I helped coach Legare's high school mock trial team back in the day (OK, I didn't actually give legal-type advice....it was more a "room mother" type situation but it was an important role.)

22. My first car was a 1982 Buick Regal...burgundy with burgundy cloth interior and, get this...a state of the art 8 track tape player. I thought I was something in this world!

23. I was "Miss My Hometown" 1980

24. I worked in a bank during the summers during college doing whatever job was needed while people took vacations. I was everything from teller, to receptionist, to bookkeeper. I never got bored.

25. I took piano lessons for 14 years and tap dancing lessons for 5 years. Can't tap worth a darn.

26. I adore Dancing with the Stars and would take ballroom dancing lessons if I could talk Hank into it. I've sort of lost interest in Dancing with the Stars...but I'd still like to take ballroom dancing lessons.

27. If I won the lottery, I would hardly ever drive my own car again. Maybe a fun sporty convertible car for absolutely perfect weather for kicks, but for routine stuff I'd have a driver to put me out and pick me up at the door. Oddly, I don't think I'd want to quit my job but I wouldn't take a salary. I'd have a personal trainer come to my house instead of going to the gym and I'd have a massage and a facial at least once a week. I do so love a massage and a facial!

28. I hate yard work. Yet I want my yard to be "yard of the month" at all times. Thank goodness for Hank who LOVES to work in the yard.

29. I'm not terribly fond of housework either. Yet I want every room in my house to look like a feature in Architectural Digest. Thank goodness for Daisy, who comes to clean every Friday.

30. I don't really mind cooking if people will just TELL me what they want to eat. The menu planning is what I don't like.


  1. Finally a southern belle! Howdy? you're the closest blogger (geographically) to me that I've come across so far. Yay! I'm glad to have found you. I'm from Charlotte NC. Where in SC you from?

  2. I'll have been married for 25 years - in Novemeber - YAY to both of us! Congrats on the weight loss - that is fantastic.

    Have a great weekend - see you soon - Kellan

  3. I'm the same way on #12, disagree with you on #9, agree on 5 - I got to work one day and realized that I had worn brown leather huraches with gray slacks...and had no clue. I hid my feet under my desk all day and barely got up. And since there is only one other person in the office and he's male.....

  4. Our answers are sooo close to the same - ESPECIALLY #7!!! My biggest issue in the world.

    I lost 140 lbs - I have gained maybe 30 of them back over the last 10 years and I hate it - I blame it on that darned hysterectomy and now menopause and of course CHOCOLATE (the kiss of a wonderful death).

    LOVE Dancing with the Stars...Love that Bruno! I actually took Ballroom dancing in Jr. and Sr. High. It was one of those things you HAD to do my Mother told me to prepare for my debut, albeit at the Fairfield Cotillion in Winnsboro, SC and at the St. Cecilia in Charleston as a guest. (I still love to dance)

    I do love to clean my house and polish silver. Crazy - YES!

    If I win the lottery, I am moving to Edisto for good!!! No more week-end commuting..... We could be sort of neighbors.

    Hope we beat Wake Forest - you going? Got a birthday party for 40 4 year olds this week-end. Lovey#1 turns 4. Can't wait....I am more excited than he is.

  5. Love your list. I'm a Jimmy Carter admirer myself and hate it when people put him down. Yes the weight thing is SO frustrating. I've lost ten lbs and gained them all back within the past year :( Totally identify with #30!

  6. Common, keep going...you can make it to 100.

    I have enjoyed learning more about you :)


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