Monday, October 5, 2009

Don't Want to Repeat This...

Do you ever get a few bars of a song stuck in your head? I do...often. Yesterday, Lor had the radio on while we were in the car and a fragment from the Beyonce song, Single Ladies, kept playing inside my head all afternoon and all night. Legare found my Facebook post VERY funny and sent me this video...This isn't the part that I kept hearing but it is kind of funny (if you weren't the one in the video, I suppose). It's very short...


  1. why is it when 'other' people hurt themselves it is sooo stinkin funny!!!
    I replayed that 3 times THANKS for the giggles today!

    are you going to join us for the SSS? I hope you will

  2. I hate getting lyrics stuck in my head. They don't stop until I hear another song. What else can possibly be in my head except songs??


  3. OUCH! I can't believe how loud that crack sounded. I hate to laugh, but I just can't help myself. Kathy

  4. Why oh why do people do that to themselves? You know it is only heading to disaster!!

    Glad your Lor has got the system down for her classes this semester - sounds like something my Meghan would do! Glad y'all had a little girls only shopping time!

    Have a good week -

  5. that is hilarious. and hurts my head thinking about it.

  6. Ear worms(earworms?)are annoying. It took me five minutes to recall the term, as I kept thinking ear lice. I am beginning to believe nothing is stuck in my head!

    My daughter showed me that video. I think she made me watch it five times. The song was new to me. I am totally out of it musically.


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