Sunday, June 6, 2010

Calamity Jane Meets the Clampetts I bragged TOO much last weekend about what a wonderful, happy, fun, restful weekend I had because when Tuesday morning came around and I went back to the office.....SLAM...SLAM....SLAM. Things came at me from every was like a bizarre-o world.

For example, I made a snarky remark to the Boss....remember all those posts about how he "gets" me. Well, CALAMITY JANE, he got mad about this one. I apologized and we're OK, I suppose. No need to bore you with the other things as I don't suppose any of them were any GREAT big deal but put all together, I was feeling a bit put upon by the end of the day on Friday...kind of like I'd lost my charm with people, you know, that old magic touch that calms things down and makes them all better?

Saturday, Hank and I moved Legare to Charlotte for his two month summer law clerk position. He's in an unfurnished studio apartment about four blocks from his office in one of those big TALL buildings uptown. (It has vertical binds ADG...but it is NOT my fault...apparently you have to endure these sorts of things in a short term rental.)

We refused to move his furnishings from Chapel Hill and told him that we would bring a bed, bedside table, chair and ottoman, and a couple of lamps from the farm. It's on the way from here to Charlotte. I know HE feels that our plan is unworthy of his greatness BUT, one needs to be reasonable when you're just talking about eight weeks. So, Hank and I (mostly Hank) loaded things in the back of the Ford F150 truck and off we went to Charlotte. If we didn't look like the Clampetts come to town, I'll hush. Legare will survive.

I hope you had a good week last week. I've got to shake off the Calamity Jane thing (and probably the Clampett thing too)...put me on your prayer list. You know how I get when things don't go my way! Apparently I can no longer be snarky, which we all know is a coping mechanism to me. Oh Lordy...what am I going to do????


  1. Alright, now you've got me giggling picturing you riding up to Charlotte with furniture in the truck! Hey at least you weren't taking that much... I passed a truck the other day that had so much stuff in the back I just knew some was going to fall out when they made a turn! And after I got really close and could see what exactly was in there I truly hoped they were headed to the dump and not their "new' home!
    Hope you have a better week this week! I will be busily getting son ready to leave for Australia, EEK!

  2. I'm just catching up with ~ wow!

    What a collection ~ I only have a small basket that I keep small odds and ends in that culuter our counter.

    When my son is home I can't sleep until he is safely home. He just called to inform me he and some friends are going cliff diving ~ yeh, I'm going to be a nervous wreck for the entire day.

    Thing slip between my lips and I often wish I could suck them right back in before they hit anyone's ears.

    You've brought a whole new image to mind for "moving day"

    Best wishes to a more relaxed and enjoyable week ahead.

  3. I can totally identify with the snarkism! It was a habit I had to curtail years ago after getting myself in alot of hot water. I had to laugh at the eight week move situation. I can totally identify. Hang in there. It will all pass, thankfully.

  4. I think it's just that it's the end of the school year, as far as the snarky thing goes! Everybody's nerves are shot and fuses are short by this time, and it always seems that things that SHOULD be nothing, ALWAYS get blown out of proportion! Or at least that's how it is here. Hope things will get better soon!

  5. Hate that when you think you know someone then they change things up on you. Gah. So annoying. My rule is if you're gonna "get" my "humor", then you need to get it all the time. I guess you could take him a Starbucks in the a.m. as a peace offering, but he probably has already forgotten it! Seriously. He is a man, so he's forgotten all about it!

    Hope this week is better. None of my options are working out for a "you know what". I'm so darned impatient. Oh well.

    Daughter's wedding is Saturday. Emotions are running high here!

    Hire me - we would make a great school together.


  6. I think that you will have to be snarky on here so that you don't do it at your boss anymore.

    Hope you have a good week.

  7. So people just don't understand snarky talk, so again, share it with us, we love it!

    And your son, you just have to laugh otherwise, you'd want to wring his neck.

  8. Well of course Legare should have a beautifully furnished studio apartment for his eight week stint.

    Mean mom!!

  9. No snarkiness? Is that possible?!

    Hang in there sweet friend.


  10. LOL....too funny about the "Clampett" trip to downtown Charlotte...or is that uptown??? Used to work "uptown" for a law firm many years ago...



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