Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm Groovin' on Lists

In addition to becoming a weekend blogger, I find myself developing a love of writing posts in the form of a list. I'm not sure what it says about my mental state that I write random things which I imagine somebody out there might find interesting. For example...

1. What is it with men and DIY projects? Hank is outside in the blistering heat putting stain and sealant on our new deck. If he drops dead of a heat stroke I am going to be MAD!

2. We've had a pool for 12 years or so. I bet I haven't been in it more than 15 times. It was so hot yesterday that I felt no shame whatsoever in putting my chubby and untanned body in said pool. Today is shaping up the same. Why oh WHY did I complain about the cold weather last winter?

3. I think I forgot to mention that Lorelai and I watched Young Victoria last weekend. We liked it a lot and highly recommend that you see it too, particularly if you like period pieces. I didn't realize that Queen Victoria had nine children or that she'd become queen so young.

4. Hank's cousin has moved to the area so we had her over last night for supper. I've been in a cooking mood and we had boiled shrimp, tomato pie, and cucumber salad, with a bourbon banana pudding for dessert. The leftover banana pudding is calling my name right now, hence one of the many reasons for the chubby body referred to in #2.

5. It will soon be time for the beginning of the month of jubilation in celebration of Lorelai's birth (otherwise known as July). She will be 20 on the 26th. I feel that a mother/daughter spa day and afternoon tea are in order.

QUESTION: What's the most special/fun thing you ever did with one of your children for a birthday???

I want lots of answers....what you did might be a better idea than what I'm planning!!! Don't be shy now...


  1. I feel the same way about my pool! I begged and begged to have one and now that I have it, I hardly ever use it! Now that it's about 105F, I think I am going to jump in today! Hope you have a great week! ~Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood

  2. Wish I were there...I'd jump in the pool with my chubbiness too. That's saying a LOT 'cause I normally don't like to be seen in a swim suit. Just too ding dang hot ~

    I took my daughter to San Francisco one time for her birthday. We had an awesome time! It is one of my favorite cities of all time...her's too. I think a spa day and afternoon tea sounds delightful!

    Think I may have to have a Sonic Cranberry Limeade this afternoon. :-)


  3. I am a list person too. Nothing wrong with that. I have no tan either. I was thinking today how refreshing a swim in a pool would feel. Get on out there and enjoy your pool!!! You will feel so refreshed! We have not done anything spectacular for either of my daughter's birthdays that is out of the ordinary. Some day I would love to take them to Europe. Wouldn't that be fun? Love & blessings from NC!

  4. 1. If he dies in the heat, at least your deck will be stained and sealed properly.
    2. The beauty of living where we live is that really nobody can see our chubby, pale bodies unless we invite them into the backyard, so swim away.
    3. I watched Young Victoria on the plane the other day and other than poor sound quality because of the noise of the plane, I loved it.
    4. Hank's cousin is lucky.

    5. Lorelai will love anything you do because you're her mom and she loves you and it's sure to be over-the-top great.

  5. If I had a daughter that age, it would be fun to have another themed party like when they were little.
    Some tiaras, fancy dresses, a manicurist on site for nails, a makeup artist (if budget allows) and such for a princess party.
    Or maybe a 80's theme, 60's theme, whatever.
    We always go all out for birthdays.
    One year we took 6 boys to Six Flags for the weekend. A car would have been cheaper!
    We also took our youngest to a St. Louis Cardinals game and then the zoo and the Arch With a bunch of his friends before staying in a cool hotel with an indoor waterpark.
    Whatever you do, it will be great cause you are a cool mom!

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Young Victoria. Except there is one part of it that was made up and well I am a stickler for that junk.

  7. I have boys, so no girlie fun here. I enjoy taking that one child out for lunch (if not on their birthday, a day close to it). They love it!

  8. Lorelai and I share the same birthday...and I just reminded my lovely ladies that it is right around the corner this morning. Can't start celebrating too early!

  9. PS) We are going white water rafting to celebrate.

  10. I have taken to writing my posts as lists too...I seem to be one big ball of random as of late...

    I admire all parents that do fun bDay parties...we started bribing our kids with cash at a very early age....Abby did have a dinner party for her sweet 16 and she thought it was pretty awesome...

  11. Would LOVE to have a swimming pool...and I too would jump in and not worry about how white or chubby I look in my bathing suit....well, maybe a little. Hee Hee.

    Never did anything special other than the norm B'days for my girls....but I'm sure what you've planned will be wonderful!!!

  12. Miss Belle, we do love the list, especially the part about the pool, as well as Hank working in the heat -- it must be something in their DNA, TSU does the same thing.

    And we are about to have the opposite weather karma, we are going to pay for having suggested it might have been a tad warm. Ahem.

    Sending you a smile,

  13. Please, oh, please, will you share that bourbon banana pudding recipe?

  14. I adore cute 'list' tablets and can not imagine how anyone functions without lists!
    Sorry no suggestions for b'day. I usually give my girls something useful, like a tuition check for the next semester.

  15. My mom swims every day, she even bought herself a bikini to wear when nobody is home. You are young and beautiful, go for it!!!
    And I can't believe y'all live in the south and haven't used the pool that much.

    I need your tomato pie recipe. I think that would be perfect for this weekend.

    You and Lorelei need to get a room at a posh hotel and spend the night, get a massage, get all dressed up and to a nice dinner OR order room service and watch a movie. My mom and I do that and it is always soooo much fun!

  16. Lovin' #2! It's your pool- no one's gonna see ya, so who cares! Embrace your paleness- and you're not chubby!!!

  17. Lovin' #2! It's your pool- no one's gonna see ya, so who cares! Embrace your paleness- and you're not chubby!!!

  18. New to your blog but to answer the question. My children are of the furry persuasion so my fun thing was easy. Load them them all in the truck and visit Dairy Queen. They love ice cream.

    Being from Kentucky I love your concept of bourbon in any recipe.


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