Friday, June 18, 2010

The Friday List

It seems that I'm falling into a "week in review" pattern these days. I'm groovin' on it...

1. I did NOT bring work home after my "four tens" (more like "four twelves, but anyhow...)

2. I'm proud of me for not bringing any work home.

3. The maid is coming today, the air conditioner repair guy is coming to look at the duct work above Lorelai's room because it's VERY warm in there, and I...I am going shopping.

4. Mother hasn't had any other spells this week and Hank's mother is still quite indignant and has made it clear that she does not need any help from anybody. Okey dokey then...

5. Lorelai is in her sixth week of working at the bank and she has not complained ONE SINGLE TIME about getting up and going to work. I am completely and utterly amazed. So is Hank...

6. Legare is completing his second week of work and absolutely loves the firm. He likes Charlotte quite a bit and would love to settle there, I think. I'm cool with's MUCH closer than Chapel Hill.

7. They started moving furniture into my new office suite yesterday. I hired a fabulous secretary last week and will interview what I hope will be my final staff member on Wednesday.

8. ...and then there are the stories I cannot tell...let it suffice to say that being a high school principal (even of a smaller magnet high school) is NOT for sissies!!

Have a fabulous weekend...


  1. Oh goodness, I was only a lowly volunteer at the front desk at our high school and the things I BIL was a principal for many years (now a district Supt) so I have a good idea of what happens at a high school. People would be shocked.

  2. Oh I'm sure you've got some GREAT stories to tell, like my GREAT nursing stories! Never a dull moment in either professions I'm certain!

    Have fun shopping!

  3. Yeah for you ~ I always lug home a bag on Friday afternoon. Notice how I didn't say I actually did anything with it over the weekend;)
    You couldn't pay me enough to be a principal.

    My son has informed me that he will never move back to CT. He LOVES NC. He is spending his summer in Wilmington except for the few weeks he'll be "visiting" us.
    Enjoy your weekend ~

  4. My daughter has a sorority sister from Charlotte. Supposed to be a great town for singles!! Glad things are going so well! Have a great weekend. xoxo

  5. My oldest daughter lives in Charlotte and she and her husband love it. Glad your children are happy with their summer jobs. And it sounds like things are shaping up for you at your new school. Have a great weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

  6. I teach high school, so I can imagine some of those stories! I've never wanted to be a principal, but for a while I thought I might want to eventually advance to the district office. I've decided against even that, and did National Board Certification instead. I really just want to stay in my classroom with "my" kids, and do my thing! Bless you!


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