Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Wedding and Father's Day

The wedding was beautiful. The reception was HOT! Legare was able to reconnect with quite a few people he had not seen since he graduated from high school. I still think of those people as children...including the bride! At one point a group of four or five were standing around and I had a flashback to a preschool Christmas program at the Baptist church where they all had giant red bows around their necks.

Hank,Legare, and I left around 9 PM to come back home but Lorelai stayed and danced the night away with her friends, then rode home with our next door neighbors.

Hank got up this morning and went to "early church" and the kids and I stayed home like heathens. Hank is an usher this month and he takes the job very seriously. He got home a little after 10 AM and we've enjoyed sitting around, drinking coffee, and talking. Shrimp and Grits is Hank's Sunday dinner of choice for Father's Day but he has to cook it because that is his specialty. I'll clean up. I'm not quite understanding how I cooked and cleaned on Mother's Day and he's cooking and I'm cleaning for Father's Day while our children sit around and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Lorelai is currently back in her bed napping before lunch and Legare is outside sitting in a chaise lounge by the pool. It must be nice...

I took a few photos before we left for the wedding (and I promise that Lorelai did NOT take that orange bag in at the wedding or the reception) Check out the "life lessons" blog later today for more on lowcountry wedding fashion information.


  1. Loved your family pictures!!! Your son is so handsome and looks so Southern with his suit and bow tie. And you have such a beautiful daughter! Great pictures of you too! Hank will have to practice his smiling! That is a man thing, I guess. Glad you enjoyed the wedding. I'm like you, I still think that my grown children should still be in pre-school. Where does the time go? Happy Father's Day to Hank! Love & blessings from NC!

  2. You all look just darling (no Republican's wife for you!)

  3. You have such a lovely family! And you most certainly do NOT look like a Republican Senator's wife :) Legare looks so dapper. And yes, Hank does need to practice smiling. But my favorite picture is that last one of Loralei, she looks like a little imp! Glad you had a wonderful time. Kathy

  4. Your family is beautiful!!!

  5. Love the pictures!! Your family is gorgeous. And you looked fabulous for the wedding! Absolutely love what you wore. From what you've seen me wear, does it seem to you that we share similar styles? It appears that way to me. Anyway, thank you for sharing the pictures! You and me - lunch one day!! :-) xoxo

  6. You all look wonderful. And your son is funny as heck.

  7. What a great looking family! Thanks for sharing! Loralei is adorable, and your son is oh so handsome, no wonder with a pretty mom like you!


  8. Loved seeing the photos!

    Hope Hank's Fathers Day was a good one. Yum...shrimp and grits are my favorite.


  9. Great photos! I know you're proud of your family!

    And I have never had sprimp and grits even though I've been told it is so good! Just never have tried it.


  10. You look FABULOUS! Simply perfect.

    And your family - gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing! What fun.

  11. Nothing wrong with Republicans' wives.....
    Love Lor's dress and you and the menfolk look wonderful as does the pool!
    I have never eaten grits before, am I missing out?

  12. Love Legare in his seersucker and bow tie. SO, Southern.

    You look nothing short of perfect!

    I have to say, I helped my mom cook and clean this Father's Day.

    For the first time.

    I'm 35.

    Just sayin'.

  13. Everyone looks just gorgeous!!!

  14. You crack me up. I don't think it's far that you had to cook & clean on Mother's Day! I think you look adorable and I would much rather look like a republican than a democrate;-) Love the bag!

  15. My husband doesn't smile in pictures either. Makes me crazy!

    And Legare looks smashing in his seersucker suit. Every man should own one in my opinion.

  16. You are a very handsome family, even with a non-smiling husband. Gary won't smile in photos, either.

    When I first started reading about hank's shrimp and grits (not exactly a big menu item in PA), I had never tasted that combo, but knew since I liked both, that it would be yummy. Well, in the year that I have lived in FL, I have ordered that dish many times, and while I am sure the restaurants here don't compare to Hank's version, they do a pretty good job of making me happy.

  17. How wonderful that you had your family together. You have a beautiful family.

    ( You were serious that Hank does not smile! He is so handsome...he must really hate to have his photo taken!!!)

    Great to catch up on your latest :)


  18. Y'all just have the most perfect and happy-looking Southern family!!! That suit...with that bow tie! How cute is he???? I'm laughing so hard about you resembling a Republican Senator's wife...yes, I believe you do!


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