Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The 7th Day of School

So...about 11:00 AM, just as I'm checking my e-mail, a student comes to the office to say that there is no water in the bathroom.  One of the e-mails (sent at 10:30 AM) is from the college notifying us that there has been a break in the water main, courtesy of the highway department.  It might take two hours to repair...or maybe six hours.  SO, the decision is made to send our high school kids home. 

Mark it down...on the 7th day of school (and a full moon apparently), I sent out my first AlertNow message to all parents and successfully, with the help of the staff, got each and every student on his or her way home three hours early.

I'm just praying that we don't arrive at school in the morning to find port-a-potties in the parking lot.

Port-a-potties are JUST for tailgating...and that's a stretch.

Speaking of tailgating...TEN DAYS until the Tigers ROAR in Death Valley!!


  1. Very definitely a full moon! And I'm praying for no port-a-potties. Those things give me the heebie jeebies! Good news, Cait just signed her first teaching contract! And you're going to love this. It's at a charter school that is trying to build it's Fine Arts program! She is so excited she's about ready to pop. And she signed her contract, rented an apartment and will be moving to Dallas on Saturday, starting work on Monday. Nothing like a little advance warning:) Hope tomorrow goes well, good to know that your alert system is working. And at least it wasn't a real disaster for the first run. Although no bathrooms could potentially become a disaster of epic proportions LOL

  2. Wishing you a NO PORTA POTTY zone for tomorrow!!! Those things are just ughhh.... HHL

  3. Yikes! Nothing like a little drama, huh? Hope they have that fixed. Port-a-potties at way! :-)

  4. Hope things return to "normal" tomorrow at school. Never a dull minute, is there? I know you are excited for Clemson football to start. Love & blessings from NC!

  5. Eww, port-a-potties!
    I am excited for Clemson football too, but don't think I'll be going to some of the first games... just can't take the heat! I'll watch them in the air conditioning somewhere! ;)

  6. It's Friday and I just read this since I've been out of town. I hope port-a-potties weren't needed and the rest of your week went well.

    Enjoy your weekend sweet friend.

  7. School... Never a dull moment!

  8. So where there porta potties? I hope not.

    I would of gone home for the day.


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