Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's 4 a.m....What are you doing??

I'm sitting on the sofa in the sun room writing a blog post.  Our teacher retreat went very well on least I think it did...nobody quit so that would seem to be a good sign.
Our Junior Class orientation was fabulous yesterday...the kids are SO excited which makes me very very happy.  Today the seniors will make their presence known.  I didn't realize how much I missed being in a school building.

So...enough about work.  Lorelai has been a roving bank teller this summer and her assignments have taken her all over the lowcountry.  People have been wonderful to her wherever she's worked...EXCEPT for one branch out in a WAY rural area.  Lor is her mama's daughter to be sure. Tell her what the rules and the processes are she by golly, she's gonna follow them.  Apparently, this little branch likes to follow their own processes, not necessarily the ones that EVERY other branch she's worked in this summer follows. 

For one thing...the first day (yesterday was her last thank goodness) at this particular location, she was told that if she wore a skirt or dress, she must wear PANTYHOSE!!!  PANTYHOSE!!!!  The child might wear pantyhose in the winter...if she went to a funeral.

Of course, another employee came to work one day wearing pantyhose AND socks with her tennis shoes.  She also wore a polka dot polyester dress with some sort of big flashy belt and dangley earrings that didn't match.  Sort of an Ugly Betty look.  I think we need to set that gal up with Miss Janice, who is an expert at putting together the RIGHT kind of look. 

When Lor came back from lunch one day, there was a Braun men's electric in box...sitting at her teller station.  A customer brought everybody one.  A BRAUN MEN'S ELECTRIC SHAVER?  Does this strike anybody else odd?

Legare is home this week.  Bless his heart, he's cooked supper for us the last two nights...possibly out of good will but also possibly for self-preservation.  These days, I only cook on the weekends.

Ned recently had a little bout of gout.  (LOL...a "bout" of "gout"...I just crack myself up sometimes...even at 4:34 a.m.)  He's fine now.

OH....Join me in boycotting Best Buy, won't you?  Our 18 month old Sony Bravia TV has been on the fritz for SIX WEEKS.  They've sent somebody over here THREE times and they never have the right part....THEN they take an ATTITUDE with us when we get frustrated at having to wait ANOTHER two weeks while they order a part and schedule another time to come over.  Not to MENTION that they only do home repairs from 8 AM until 5:30 PM.  What are we supposed to do....take a vacation day every two weeks to sit here and wait for some INCOMPETENT to show up with the wrong parts?

We're at a loss to know how to handle it...when you complain they are rude.  So much for customer service.

BEST BUY...You need to get your act together.  I'm flabbergasted at your utter lack of professionalism and complete disdain for your customers when there are issues with products purchased in one of your stores.  We even paid for the four year service and replacement plan.  How long do we have to wait before you just replace the darn thing?

READERS....Do you know anybody who might have some powers of persuasion with Best Buy??  I need their help...

Have a good day!!


  1. At 4:00am this morning, I was sitting in my recliner, sort of watching Ace of Cakes on the Food Network and reading "The Trial" by Robert Whitlow....

    And 'sorry, I wish I could help with the Best Buy thing...but it would seem they would be more helpful....definitely sounds like they don't know what they are doing!! Good luck with that!


  2. I turned the lights off at 3:30am ... couldn't put my book down. Feel sure I'll pay for it today. Glad things are going so well with school/new job. Aug. 18 is my magic 'back to school' date. Good luck with BestBuy!

  3. I am laughing at Lorelai's pantyhose predicatment.

    When Adam and I got married, I was working downtown Austin. I moved out here and took a job at a bank in another tiny town to help with their internet. They told me I had to wear pantyhose.

    I told them I didn't need a job bad enough to wear pantyhose.
    They never mentioned it again.

    They called me Zsa Zsa at that bank. I was a fish out of water.

  4. Wow! 4:30 in the morning., either you are going to bed very late, or you get up very early.
    Can you believe, I have never shopped Best Buy in my life? I'll tell you what though. I have a way of getting what I want if I want it bad enough. Start with the chain of command and work your way up. Their lack of customer service is probably a good indication of why I don't shop there.
    MEN'S SHAVERS!? Even if it was a women's shaver that would be odd. That is something only a wife would give a husband. That's just odd AND tacky.
    Do they still make pantyhose? I wear black or white tights, as you mentioned, during the winter months, but who wears pantyhose anymore? That's outdated.
    Okay here's something totally out of left field.....I need a sweet tea recipe. Do you have a favorite?

  5. I am laughing about the electric razor and panty hose! I refuse to wear panty hose - I don't care how cold it is!

  6. Hey, maybe the polka dot polyester wearing gal never shaves her legs... hence the pantyhose rule and the gift of a shaver?
    I'm just sayin'

  7. I do agree that is a very strange gift. And I cannot believe they still have the pantyhose rule anywhere after all these years.

    I have not ideas about Best Buy since we ran into the same problem with our sons laptop when it needed to be repaired.

    Just have to say that every time I stop by your blog it reminds me of how much I miss Charleston. Even though it has been 15 years since we lived there, my husband and I still miss it.

  8. What did you ever get Lorelai for her 20th? Never did see some pictures.

  9. its a shame, I wish they would still enforce the pantyhose rule. women look so much better in pantyhose.Bare legs just dont look right.

  10. Pantyhose? Hmmmm....I kinda/sorta remember those awful things. shiver

    Hope your weekend is as good one.



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