Saturday, August 21, 2010

I don't know where to begin...

Let's go with a list...

1.  Legare got a permanent job offer yesterday.  After his May 2011 graduation from UNC School of Law, he will be joining the Charlotte office of a very prestigious Chicago law firm. 

2.  Lorelai just came of off a week of serving as a junior class student leader for the incoming freshman at Clemson.  She was responsible for 25 of them and to quote her on Tuesday afternoon..."they just don't listen..."   How did she get to be a junior so FAST!!!

3.  Lord love us all...Hank and I are so proud of our children that we don't know what to do.  God has truly TRULY blessed us beyond measure.

4.  This first week of our new school with our students.  I'll tell you more about it later.  As life would go, I found myself in the oral surgeon's office at 6:30 AM on Wednesday crying (and I am NOT a crier) because they wanted to do a root canal and I needed to get to school (it was only the 2nd morning for students).  I talked them into letting me leave but ONLY if I promised to come back before the weekend.  SO...armed with an antibiotic and Lortab, I made it until 2:45 on Friday afternoon when I was forced to return for said root canal.

5.  The bright side...they gave me " laughing gas" for the root canal.  What a great (really, I'm not being sarcastic here) way to relax after one of the most hectic weeks of my life.  I just chilled out in that chair for an hour and a half.  I'm least with one side of my mouth...just thinking about it.  Good memories...GOOD memories...

6.  As I said, more on the first week of school later.  I think I'm going to take a Lortab induced nap.  BUT...nobody quit...there were no disciplinary referrals AT staff is the best staff EVER in the history of education...and...I'm going to take that nap now. Oh...there WAS the skateboard incident but MY students were not responsible for that little dust up.


  1. Huge congratulations on your son's job. In this market that's a really big deal. Chicago, now, that's also a big deal. Sounds like your daughter is ready for leadership roles too:).

  2. You are truly blessed ... your children sound wonderful!! Congrats to them both for their accomplishments!!! Nap well... HHL

  3. Congrats to Legare!!!

    So sorry about your root canal. I've had 3 dental implants since November and spent enough money at the dentist that I could have a new car...instead of one of his daughters. LOL

    Rest up this weekend.


  4. Wow, congratulations on your son's job offer. What a fabulous start to his career. I am thrilled for him and you really should be proud. Your daughter sounds like a fabulous person also. Congrats to her for doing such a great job too. Now for the tooth, oh I do have emphathy for you. I hate to go to the dentist. So glad they have it all fixed now. Enjoy your nap, school will be here again on Monday. Hugs, Marty

  5. You do have 2 wonderful children. That is great about Legare. I know he is thrilled!! My daughter lives in Charlotte. She works for one of the big accounting firms. Sorry about your root canal. Hope you are feeling better and can rest up this weekend. Glad your first week of school went so well. I know you have an awesome staff of teachers. They are blessed to have you for their principal!! Love & blessings from NC!

  6. Congrats on Legare's new position! I can totally understand about not listening. I'm sorry to hear about your root canal ~ not fun at all!

    My first offical day of school is next week. The students return the following week. I'm actually {almost} ready to return to a schedule.

    Enjoy your weekend ~

  7. You root canal made me so nervous just reading about it. I hope you have a swift recovery! Congratulations on raising such wonderful kiddos!

  8. Congrats to Legare!! Charlotte is a great place to work...did so for many years....uptown no less!!

    Sorry about the root canal...had a few myself!! Hate them!!

    Glad your first week of school was "uneventful".


  9. Congrats! Thrilled about both kids! Awesome!!

    So glad to hear that everything went so well.

    I meet face to face tomorrow about the job. I think it is mine for the taking! Will keep you posted.
    RE: Root Canal, Schmoot Canal - Can't keep a good woman down! But do take care of youself. xoxo

  10. Wow! You and Hank rock as parents! Way to go to both of your bebes!!

    Can you mail me a Lortab? I would love to have a drug induced nap. Momma is t.i.r.e.d.

  11. I
    get laughing gas to have my teeth cleaned...could not live without it....glaf your week ended with some...

  12. Congrats to you and your wonderful children!! .. proud momma for sure!!
    I've had laughing gas too :)

  13. I think we've been leading parallel lives. My son was similarly blessed with an offer from the firm he worked with this past summer. I already did the root canal thing, and mine didn't work, so i'm now scheduled for an implant next month :( Do get some R and R!

  14. Good to catch up a bit :)

    Congrats to your boy. Glad to hear your girl is doing well to. You and Hank have every reason to be PROUD. You have terrific kids.

    Sorry about the root canal! I have had 2 this year and 1 last year :(

    Those big filling we had as kids became bigger fillings, then huge fillings...and now root canals and crowns. I could use some laughing gas right now just thinking of my dental bills! Almost more painful to pay the bills then have the root canal :)

    (It is because of bloggers like you that I keep coming back to blogging when life wants to get in the way. You brighten my day)


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