Sunday, August 8, 2010

I Didn't Know There Was Anything to Resolve...

Occasionally, I'll make a remark about moving.  Don't get me wrong, I love where we live, but we built our house in 1985 and let's face's dated.  The ceilings are 8 feet, except for the two story foyer and in the den, which was added on later. The windows need to be replaced. I'd like to update fixtures in the bathrooms. We don't have a bedroom downstairs for when we get old and decrepit and can't get up and down the staircase.  Sometimes I think I'd really like to have a brand spankin' new 21st century house.  Or maybe a really old 19th century house 


Anyhow...last night as we were heading home from dinner out and riding around in a very quaint historic neighborhood in a nearby town, I said, "You much as I talk about the possibility of moving someday, I just don't think I'd ever be happy anywhere else...even in a brand spankin' new house or in a really old house. Maybe we just need to reconcile ourselves to staying put."   Hank said, "Yeah, I feel the same way."

This morning...Hank said..."I'm glad we got everything resolved last night, I feel SO much better."  Meanwhile, I'm looking at the paper and wondering what the heck the problem was that we got resolved last night. So...I said, "What the heck are you talking about???"

"Moving," he replied, "I've never wanted to move."   Poor guy, apparently for YEARS, he's been worrying about moving someday.

Hank doesn't like change.  Not one bit.  Although in return for my being SO agreeable about NOT moving someday, I was able to strike a deal regarding some upgrades once the kids are out of school.

Probably won't mess around with the ceiling heights, but to the following, I say, "COME TO MAMA!"

New Master Bedroom Suite Downstairs (photo courtesy Southern Living)

Upgrade Current Bathrooms (photo courtesy Pottery Barn)
New Viking Appliances in the Kitchen (photo courtesy Viking)


  1. You made me man does not welcome changes either.

  2. Love those upgrades!

    Not only do I want to move out of our current home, I want to move to a whole different state! I've got a few more years to work on convincing my husband :)


  3. Jeez, just think of what all you could have been getting if you had "resolved" this issue sooner ;-) Love what you're gonna be doing. Cannot wait till "we" start the reno and redeco! Still caught us in a bit of bureaucracy, but should be getting some def. word soon. Will certainly keep you posted. xoxo

  4. I am with you on all three that bath! You made me laugh because I love old houses but hate all the problems with them. Hard choice, although I think that has been resolved, too.


  5. Funny. My husband is the one who likes change. I usually go kicking and screaming and then love it. :-)

    Love love love the bedroom photo.


  6. Our house was built in the early
    70s!!! Need I say more? I mean we still have paneling in the dining room and down the hall!!! My hubby would never think of moving...we've done some upgrades but nothing major....I've resigned myself to the fact that this is what it old house!! I've learned to live with it!!


  7. We have been in our home since 1987, so we are doing some work this summer. New paint upstairs, new floors, new mattresses for some of the beds, etc. I would love to re-do the kitchen. My hubby is going to help upgrade our bathrooms. But all this takes so much time. We have been working on our upstairs all summer and still have a ways to go. I need to stay home more on the weekends and then maybe I could get something done. Good luck with all your work in the future. Love & blessings from NC!

  8. I think those are some fabulous deals! Love, love, love that bedroom... drool.

  9. We built in 1999, so we're still in fairly good shape. I'm hoping to update some things all along so that it doesn't get to the point it would cost a small fortune to re-do!!! However, I'm already out of date on some things, and according to HGTV, you're "supposed to" update your kitchen every 10 years--new applicances, the works. Yeah right! LOVE that bedroom; I just about drooled when I saw it in SL!

  10. Our house was built in the 70's. We have spent 20 years getting rid of really tacky wallpaper and flooring, not to mention fake stained glass light fixtures LOL. Kitchen and guest bath have been gutted to the studs and redone. The master bath is a work in progress. I LOVE the bath example that you've shown here, it really gives me some ideas (poor DH). I LOVE old homes, but they can be such money pits. Guess we are staying put unless we strike it rich, in which case we'll be on the water so fast it will make your head spin :) Kat

  11. Oh I'm with you on the upgrades. I have, however, decided that the only way I'm leaving this home is feet first and wrapped in a sheet. Now I hope I haven't jinxed anything and have my husband come home with a job transfere or something like that.
    I've had my eye on a few things to do improvements with (fixtures, new sinks, painting and windows). I would love to put in a beautiful sub zero and a Viking Range, but we are on an electric system. I think we could have a gas line put in, but I don't even want to know what that would cost.

  12. Great deal making... those upgrades on your wish list are fabulous... cheers to you!!! Popped over via "Don't Give up".. joining as a follower so to keep up with your wonderful witty .. posts...HHL

  13. I like your taste- just like mine!
    Those drapes are gorgeous, i wonder how they look with dog hair on them. ha!
    We have silly 8 foot ceilings too but our house has such potential and with a huge lottery win, I can make all my decorating dreams come true!

  14. I think, after flirting with a different house right as the economy fell apart, that we are finally resolved to staying in our c.1964 ranch. I hate the way it looks from the street, but since I never drive by it, I guess I can treat it like the back of my hair...if I don't look at it, it won't bother me. Spent the entire year doing "updates", but will have to wait at least five more to get rid of our ridiculous bathrooms. They need serious help.

    I hate moving. I don't know what I was thinking when I wanted to buy and remodel a different house. I must've been just this side of crazy. Glad it didn't work out now. And I covet that bedroom and bath, too.

  15. Sounds like the perfect (if accidental) negotiation. :-)

  16. Ha! Gotta love getting what you want without meaning to! Looking forward to seeing your wish list come true!

  17. I’ve been keeping up to date with your site, but just don’t always have time to comment (sorry). Just thought I’d say hello again so you know I’m here!

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  18. As you know, we move a lot. I haven't lived anywhere long enough for the houses to get old:( Hoping the next house is a long term thing. Can't wait till you remodel. It should be fun.

  19. Hi,
    I just found your blog and was reading some of your posts. Your post about moving made me laugh because I think we are living similar lives. My house is older than yours and I am always looking at houses for sale and dreaming of moving to a new home. My husband, Henry, hates change too and keeps telling me the only way I will get out of this house is feet first. We have been talking about gutting the downstairs bedrooms and baths to make one large master suite, bathroom and walk in closet. I just will have to wait till he comes back from Iraq because ain't no way I could do this alone. Good luck with your home and whatever you decide to do.


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