Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back in the land of the living...I seriously DO NOT LIKE Best Buy

Oh my...I'm off the Lortab and back at life full steam ahead this morning.  Last week is a little bit blurry.  Who, but ME, would have to deal with root canal business the first week she was a "real" principal with students and all?  I'm pretty sure that Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent and Chief Academic Officer came by to see how we were doing, although I should probably confirm with my secretary as I could have been hallucinating from the severe pain in my left jaw.  I'm joking...they did come by and were very complimentary.  Shoot...once I got the Lortab on Monday afternoon, I was coasting until Friday afternoon.  Except for the crying thing...

On a positive note, it seems that the TMJ I thought I might have could have been the stupid tooth all along.  Time will tell.  Upward and onward...

One thing I know for sure...aside from the stupid tooth, I've been burning the candle at both ends for a couple of months now.  Very little time for rest and relaxation, even on the weekends.  Let me just DECLARE that as of now and barring some kind of unforeseen circumstances, I will work like a crazy woman all week but come the weekend, I'm taking time for myself and my family.  A couple of months ago, Hank said, "don't let this make you sick" and to tell you the truth, I think I just about did wear myself slap out.  (But things had to be done and I was the only one that could do them!!!)  I don't regret it because we had a good start, BUT, I've got to change my ways because, if for no other reason....


The seasons tickets and parking passes arrived two weeks ago!  Former hometown high school football star Andre' Ellington is going to pick RIGHT up where one of the great loves of my life, CJ Spiller, left off. (I'm also now a Buffalo Bills fan, in case you're interested...they're from NY, right??)

At some point I need to fill you in on our Best Buy hullabaloo.   If you know a person in upper level management at Best Buy, please tell them that one of the managers in one of our local stores  is a first class number one NOT very nice person.  She needs SERIOUS training regarding customer service.  I'll be happy to divulge the store location and name of the manager if anybody can put me in touch with somebody who can actually do something about this, as opposed to the BB middle management do nothings we've talked with off and on over the last six weeks.

For heaven's sake, there are seriously talented people out there looking for jobs...BB needs to beef up their evaluation process and get rid of employees like that gal.  It wouldn't be very hard to find somebody better than her...most of my high school juniors could do a better job and are ALL of my juniors have better manners.  Don't know that I've EVER wanted to have somebody fired more desperately.

That's not very nice of me, is it?

Anyhow...have a great week and thanks for not giving up on me (and the old blog) over the last couple of months!


  1. You do need to slow down girl, but now is probably not the best time to tell you with school starting and all. Sorry about the tooth, at least it's 'out of the way'!

    Take care.


  2. Yikes! Tooth pain, ugh!!
    We went to a Best Buys a couple months ago for the first time. Drove 1 1/2 hours to get there. Selection was no better than Target where we live. Assistance was pitiful. So we left the big box store and found a smaller electronics store with FABULOUS service. Like you said, there are MANY talented folks looking for jobs - businesses need to cut out the BAD employees!

  3. I can only imagine how busy you have been - but yeah for you for a great first week. And all accomplished with dental pain! Ugh!

    Congratulations to Legare as well! My older brother lives in Charlotte. They love their live there - lots to do. How great!

    Thanks for the kind note yesterday.

  4. Glad you are feeling better. Hopefuly this next week at school will go really well for you. And like you said, you need to take the weekends and get plenty of rest and relaxation. I know you are excited about the first football game. I love football season too. Have a nice week. Love & blessings from NC!

  5. Yes, Stress can and will make you sick! Take care of yourself. I'll email details about the job this week. And Yes, football season is upon us! Bought my new market baskets for tailgating, having them monogrammed, + bought cute tags to hang on everything - they say Vols! xoxox

  6. Hopefully once everything is back in some semblance of order, you'll have time to spend on you and your family!!

    Hope your tooth is doing better!


  7. I can't imagine dealing with such a rude manager, either! Good luck getting things resolved!


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