Friday, December 19, 2008

I know you expect better from me but BAH HUMBUG!

As of 4:00 PM, I am on a two week vacation until January 5. Actually, it isn't really a's not like I'm getting paid but nevertheless, I so happy to have a period of time away from my office I can't BEGIN to tell you. I'm so sick and dadgummed tired of passive aggressive people and inefficient people that I could scream. That goes for people in my life outside of the workplace too.

Today at work we had the holiday lunch. I have this "thing" about what I'll call forced socialization. I'd much rather go out to lunch, order what I want, and enjoy time with the people I want to enjoy time with rather than march into the food service building with 200 other people (some dressed like elves) to eat things I don't care for. So THERE!! You know what would be nice right now? A massage...a hot rocks massage...or a wait...I don't like martinis. Maybe a flying pill...that'll work.

Speaking of relaxation...yesterday, my friend's daughter headed down to Fort Lauderdale to get on one of her friend's dad's 40 foot boat for an intracoastal jaunt down to Miami. Legare met friends who traveled with him on his three month trip to Europe last year downtown, then they all went out to the house of one of the kids on the beach at Kiawah for the afternoon and night. Lorelai and her friends got all gussied up and went downtown for dinner and to dance. My friend and I were talking about this...while our kids were out living large, we were in our respective homes washing clothes, wrapping gifts, paying bills, dusting, cooking, and so forth. There's something BAD wrong with this picture...I'm going to point it out to my kids but I already know their response, "But just don't KNOW how STRESSFUL our semesters have been?


Stay tuned...I'll be back to my old self soon...I promise!


  1. LOL - I am with you. But good for you for not giving up on the festive, Christmas spirit. I am giving in for ho hum ...not as low as bah humbug - but hom hum, until December 26th, then I can savor the season - hehe.

    . . . {{{singing}}}} santa clause is coming, toooooo town! :)

  2. Enjoy your vacation. Maybe you could ask Santa to schedule a massage for you???

  3. This is so funny. I've told my kids the same thing. Why is that they are in private school and are touring Europe or skiing in Canada while I am at home doing the same thing over and over. I'd love to live their lives, ha. Oh, well reality hits soon enough for them and they must be grownups for the rest of their lives.

  4. Oh yes - to have the lives of our children...Dreamy!

  5. OMG! I thought all of the passive-aggressive and horribly inefficient people worked with ME!! I feel your pain!
    I've got a lovely 2 week unpaid vacation over here, too! Yippee!!


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