Monday, December 15, 2008

Lorelai is Fine

Bless her heart...she's got little chipmunk cheeks but the wisdom teeth weren't impacted so she should have an easy recovery. The dentist shared with Hank right after that she would probably cry a lot...for some reason the medicine they use to induce the "twilight" has the tendency to make girls cry as they're coming out of it. That was news to us...when Legare had his out a few years ago he thought that ALL was right with the world for a couple of hours.

And boy did she cry...all the way home...and after she got home for about an hour. It was pitiful...she wasn't in any pain but in no particular order she: wanted to talk to Nancy (her roommate), wanted to see Miss Ann (a family friend), wanted to go to Clemson, wanted to go home (she was home), didn't like it because she couldn't feel her face, was hungry (I know she had to be), wanted to talk to her grandmama, and never wanted to do this again (thank goodness she won't).

After the crying hours, she: sat up, ate pudding, took a pain pill, and started texting her friends, and began posting her woes on Facebook. Currently, she's lying on the sofa in the den being entertained by Adam, a young man that she's been friends with for several years. Legare is in charge of her welfare tomorrow while Hank and I are at work...she should be out and about again by Wednesday afternoon or Thursday.

Thanks for all of your good wishes...check back in tomorrow as we conclude the Funerals in the South series, interrupted today by Lorelai's wisdom teeth.


  1. That is the saddest story ever! Poor thing, hope she gets to feelin' better. :)

  2. I've heard that before, about the crying. So strange.

    My wisdom teeth ARE impacted, so I'm terrified of getting them broken out. I'm going to have to do it sooner or later, though. I should've done it when I was younger so my mom could take care of me after it was all done, lol.

    Glad everything went so well!

  3. Glad all went well! Step-daughter is having hers out tomorrow - yikes!

  4. I'm a little late in sending all good wishes to Lorelai....hope she's doing good. I've never had wisdom teeth out but I know it can be a bit of an ordeal.

  5. Oh my goodness! Im glad that was normal! no one told me it was normal!! When i got mine out, I came out crying--didnt realize i was crying--asked my mom why i was breathing funny, she told me i was crying and needed to stop. But i could not! I cried forever! Im glad it wasnt just me though! My sister didn't cry though...odd

    I hope she gets to feeling better soon!!!

  6. I hope Lorelai feels better very soon!!

  7. Poor thing... our babysitter just had one removed. She foolishly demanded that the dentist take hers out one at a time. I can only imagine why he agreed...

  8. Glad she is okay - the whole wisdom tooth ordeal is a messy one - My husbands mom is a dentist and always grateful she isn't an oral surgeon! Hope your girl feels better soon - lots of milkshakes mom!!


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