Saturday, April 4, 2009

AH....Spring Break!

I'm just wondering...would it be odd if I stayed in my house for the entire week of spring break? I think I'd really enjoy something of a self-imposed exile after the last several weeks, particularly if I had this gorgeous cake from Dean and Deluca to keep me company!

But I digress...

I've gotten SO much done just this Saturday morning. There were four bags of stuff that I collected back in August when I cleaned up Lorelai's room after she moved to college. She's had since then to go through the bags to see what was treasure and what was must have all been trash in her estimation because she never went through it. HELLO GOODWILL!

I've paid all of mother's bills. In the month prior to her move she apparently felt that the bills for the house insurance, car insurance, Ned's colonoscopy, and dentist were trash. Incidentally, when I called her on Thursday afternoon, she had just enjoyed a nice visit from "a preacher"...she doesn't think that he is HER preacher but he surely was a "pleasant bald headed and plump little fellow." She can't get over how time flies, the past TWO YEARS since she moved having gone by so quickly. (good grief)

I have a few cute little stories about Ned that I'll save for next week. He's a character, that one.

Let's see...a little spring cleaning (check), bill paying (check), dreaming about a $200 cake that I'm never going to get (check)...I think that's enough work for today. I believe I'll do a little reading now...both blog and otherwise...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, my friends!


  1. Good for you for having a productive Saturday... mine was spent knitting in bed... how lovely does that sound???

    Cant wait to hear the Ned stories

    & your mom - two years?? - thats funny!

  2. You have been a busy bee!!! Enjoy some relaxing!! And maybe a cheaper version of the fab cake? :)

  3. Stay inside and loaf! You deserve a break! Can't wait to hear about Ned!
    Have a great weekend and spring break!

  4. That is a yummy looking cake.

    You made me want cake now, so I better get to baking!

  5. You are so funny! And what you say is so true! Our daughter's must have the same mind set! So aggravating sometimes, but we are blessed to have them! :-) Enjoy reading your book and have a great weekend!

  6. Sounds like you have been super if you want to eat (drool on the picture of ) that gorgeous cake, you deserve it!
    Enjoy your spring break!

  7. Oh enjoy your weekend! And you so deserve that cake!! I, too, think of my bills as trash, but I am not sure my creditors would agree ;-) I like your mother's method of bill paying! My grandfather would do that so, of course, my grandmother had to forbid him from getting the mail!! haha xoxo

  8. Oh boy, a whole week to veg out if you want. You got alot done this morning, so have fun! And yes, if I had money to burn, that cake would be on its way here! Have a great week. Kathy

  9. You are so funny...but that, that's a cake! BTW, I can tell you that I could stay in my house for a week and not leave--just play on the computer and eat!

  10. Yes time does fly ~ just a little more quickly for your mother :) You sound a little more up beat ~ a wonderful thing.

    My spring break is next week (brace yourself, this is going to be exciting) and I'm planning on spending it in the basement then moving up to the attic. I have so many "treasures" that really need to find a new home!

    Can't wait to hear about Ned.


  11. Oh myyy is that heavenly!!

    And congrats on your 200 followers!!

  12. Can't wait for the Ned stories!

    How about we split that gorgeous cake? That is only $100 a piece.

    I bet it is totally worth it.

  13. Isn't it wonderful when we have a nice productive MORNING...and still have the rest of the day?!
    I could hibernate in the house for a week with that cake, for sure!
    Happy April!

  14. That cake is gorgeous!

    I think a week at home with no one bothering you sounds wonderful! Enjoy!

    Yay, Mom's over the move! ☺


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