Sunday, April 12, 2009

Back to Work Tomorrow

The spring break week went by MUCH to fast. I survived not having my kids home and we enjoyed having Ned at the farm and seeing Mother today for church and dinner. She hadn't been to church in four or five years and the little chapel at Green Grove is just right for her. It was a good day. She did mention to me yesterday that "the old people here just love it when I talk to them and give them a little attention." I have to wonder with the dementia if it is possible that she doesn't realize that SHE, at almost 81 years of age, is also an old person...Whatever works. She's happy and isn't complaining.

My posting might be a little scarce for the next couple of weeks. I have to write a grant at work and am on a very tight's due the 24th. pressure...none at all. Hopefully, I'll stay on my regular blog schedule but just in case, you'll know where I am.

Here are a few photos in a slide show of the weekend. I was planning to have Hank's mother and "Miss" Peggy at the farm this afternoon for tea but they were afraid they would be too tired from getting up early for the sunrise service and so forth. I set the table anyhow just to see how it WOULD have looked. Now I have a plan for Mother's Day, without the eggs of course.


  1. Love the pictures... your table looked fantastic!

    And Ned did look so handsome!!! He looks so happy!

    Great picture of the three of you too!

    Hope you've enjoyed your Easter! He is RISEN!!!!

  2. Your brother is just the sweetest! I love that he indulged you with the easter egg hunt!
    We just came through MC on the way home from Myrtle Beach this afternoon, have you seen that sign coming out of town towards Summerville that says "My Gov. Mark Sanford sucks and that is my opinion"!? It is hilarious! It also says something about Lindsey Graham on the other side but we were going too fast and I couldn't read it! I wanted to take a picture but hubby wouldn't stop!
    Good Luck with the grant writing!

  3. Lovely table. Love the comment your mother made about the old people! xoxo

  4. I bet everything tastes better when served at that table.
    Love it!
    What is the tree/ plant in the center?
    I get a kick out of seeing Ned gather eggs too!
    I adore your green dress, great with your hair.

  5. I'm glad ya'll had a great Easter! Have a great week!

  6. gorgeous! hope your day today is happy!

  7. Fabulous pictures, Belle.

    I love that Ned let you hide eggs for him. He's a good guy.

  8. How precious those pictures were! Ned looked like he had a great time finding eggs. Sometimes our age doesn't matter one bit when we're happy! You look great in your little Easter dress too!

  9. Wonderful pictures...Ned and your mother look very happy. So glad everything is working out for them!

    Good luck writing the grant...we'll miss you!


  10. What a beautiful table setting!!! I adore the pic of the three of sweet :)

    Good luck on the grant writing.

  11. Happy Belated Easter!!!

    What a beautiful table spread. Lovely pictures.

    All the best in writing the grant.

  12. I always love your slide shows!!!
    Mother & Ned are just the cutest!

  13. YOur table looks great... I hope you had a great Easter!

  14. You're so lucky to still have your mother. Great pictures. Sounds like the presure is on at work...Good luck.

  15. THANK YOU for sharing your Easter Sunday with me. As you know, I miss my parents so badly, especially at Easter and Christmas.....Mama always made such a fuss, as you do with your kids over our Easter dresses and bonnets and our baskets. Just wanted to thank you for sharing and making me shed a good tear. By the way, I love the white bonnet on Lorelai - Mama put me in one too. In fact, I still have it.

    My Easter Bunny went to the Orange and White game in Clemson - and apparently our QBs look GREAT!!!! Should be a great season.

  16. I think your mother and Ned are going to be very happy and so are you. Time for you to relax and enjoy life.

  17. Such cute pictures! Love the Easter table!

  18. I decided to look back at your blog and see if I was just a forgetful ol' girl and that you appear on your blog on a regular basis.

    How did I miss this post? I love it. Such great pix. Love the table (did you use if for M-day?), what cute pix of Ned and Mother "),

    And there you glasses. You are so pretty. Love that dress!

    Have a great Wednesday!



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