Friday, April 3, 2009

Randoms and a Rant

  1. Spring Break starts at 4:00 PM today!! YAYAYAYAYAY
  2. I'm watching the morning news about a guy who saved a runaway cow from going to "the bad place" because he "saw the fear in her eyes."
  3. I've given up on trying to produce the Duggar's Laundry Detergent. It takes too many containers and too much space.
  4. Three Quotation Thursday and Frugal Friday return next week.
  5. The State of South Carolina is fixing to lose upwards of 6,000 teachers and other positions in public education because our governor is determined NOT to accept our $700 million share of the stimulus funding. Hear this, sir...not every person in this state can afford to send their children to Heathwood Hall. Not everybody owns a plantation and a house at the beach. Don't try to tell us that the "common" people are with you because you rocked at the Rotary Club in Greenville earlier in the week. You INSULT us, sir, and I am embarrassed by your cavalier attitude and lack of regard for what is best for the people of South Carolina just because you think you want to run for President one day. Good thing you have all of that timber down in Beaufort County that you can cut to help fund your future campaign because I WILL campaign for DAFFY DUCK before I will support you. I know A LOT of people and EVERYBODY thinks you've gone around the bend. This isn't about people who played fast and loose with their investments or their mortgages...this is about the future our our state....our CHILDREN! While your children are safely tucked away in their private school classrooms at Heathwood, the children in our public schools will be sitting in overcrowded classrooms with limited resources. Oh are BRILLIANT!!! (and by brilliant, I mean SELFISH)

Sorry about that folks...I've been holding it in for a week! Gotta get ready for work now!


  1. Good for you!!

    As a teacher, hearing stores like this really burns me up. Not because of the wanting to have a job thing (I am lucky enough to have one), but because so many families don't have schooling options besides the ones in their district. If we as Americans are supposed to be providing a better future for our children, how will taking away PUBLIC EDUCATION resources do that??

    Argh! I 100% agree with you and think he and the other governors doing the same should have some sort of intervention. Morons.

  2. I can't wait to see Frugal Friday return.

    Hope you enjoy your spring break.

    I never mind a good rant.

  3. You said it sister! I keep calling his office and letting him know that I will campaign long and hard to make sure he never holds another public office! He makes me want to scream!

  4. Amen, sister!! Our high-brow governor is some kind of piece of work. We can only hope that this will open the eyes of the voters of our state before the next election. I'm with you...Daffy Duck, anyday!

  5. I think it's great to get your feelings off your back. This is such a stressful time in our country.

  6. Bravo! Our fine (I AM being sarcastic) has also decided not to accept federal stimulus aid. Of course, his decision was made under the guise of "not wanting the federal government to change our unemployment benefits rules" Meanwhile, my property taxes continue to rise (in Texas our public schools are funded by property taxes) Personally, I feel that he plans on making a run for higher office someday also. Snowball's chance of a vote from me! Have a great spring break! Kathy

  7. I hope you did write him that letter!!!
    So sick to let teachers go, that should be the LAST cut in ANY state!

    Have fun with your babies over spring break!

    ps. I laughed so hard that Legare had eaten the little packet. It makes me feel better that maybe Bram will turn out ok after all!!

  8. we just finished up our SB-hope you enjoy your week...

    I missed the news story about the cow but i did see the one where the guy proposed on the bridge (in NYC i think) and the ring fell yiyiyiyi

    Happy friday

  9. You tell him, sister. I hope you have written that in a letter and have sent it to him. Selfish is right!

    Have a great Spring Break!

  10. WELL...I don't blame you for ranting about that and I'll vote for Daffy too!

    Would be nice to hear what the man has to say if he hears about your post.

  11. Ooh! Tell him how it is!!!

    **I have the last of the give aways up & it is a good one!**

  12. BRAVO!!! I hope you sent it to our dear Governor to read specifically. Someone needs to shake his happy head out of the white house clouds and bring him back to the reality of his constituents needs. I wasn't here to elect him and I can assure you I never would have. God help him if he tries to make a run for the White House.... he will have me and I am sure a whole host of others to contend with..

    Enjoy spring break, you've earned it for sure.

    Thank goodness Frugal Friday is returning, I've missed it.

    :-) C

  13. Good for you Miss Belle, you go! We're not totally up to speed with the specifics of the issues, but we kind of get the picture, and applaud you for taking a stand.

  14. Heck, I'll vote for Daffy, too, and I live in Michigan! That Governor of yours needs to spend some time living on the wages of the common man and then tell you that you don't need the stimulus money.

  15. oh, I hear you!!!

    How has our government (fed/state/local) lost track of making children a priority?


  16. You said it!

    I am thankful that I am graduating and will no longer be in the public colleges. *GO TIGERS* But at the same time I am frightened because NO ONE is hiring anyone. Come May 8th I will be without health insurance and a job, because I can't afford to go to grad school since there's no money in the public schools and since it appears he doesn't want our state to have that economic boost where companies will actually hire someone.

    I feel bad for my friends that our in education, because they are laying off first year teachers and the ones graduating can't even find jobs. It's sad and our governor is an idiot if he can't see that.

  17. Heck yeah girl!!! I live in GA and have heard all about this. That GOV up there is being CrAzY


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