Monday, April 13, 2009

The City That Never Sleeps

Just a short post...the grant is coming but is a long way from done.

I think I've mentioned the Best Boss in the World (BB) a time or two. I like him and as you all well know, I don't like just everybody. His mama raised him right and he's a Southern gent through and through. She lives in her own version of Green Grove in another part of the state and I love to hear stories about her because she always sounds so reasonable and easy going, even when she isn't feeling so well. I told him the other day that he should say, "You're a doodle, mama" like Miss Daisy's son tells her in Driving Miss Daisy.

BB took a few vacation days last week while the rest of us were on Spring Break and went with some friends to New York City. A little after midnight one night as he was sound asleep (or so he says) he was startled by his cellphone ringing.

BB (grabbing phone): MOTHER...are you everything alright??

Mama (laughing): I'm fine...were you asleep?

BB: Yes ma'am, I IS after midnight.

Mama: Well, I've always heard that New York is the city that never sleeps so I thought I'd give you a call and see what you were up to.

This is where he should have said, You're a doodle, mama. Don't you agree?
OK you've got to leave lots of nice positive comments here because I'm going to print all of this out for BB to read and he needs to be impressed with how much people LIKE me.
Oh mercy...before long, Legare is going to be saying, you're a doodle, to me.


  1. You do sound busier than all get-out Miss Belle, good luck with the grant.

    As far as the boss goes, it is a cute story. There's no way to tell him how much all of us adore you, he is just going to have to read about it sometime!

    Grins & giggles for the rest of your week!

  2. Good luck with the grant! And you are a doodle my dear, and I mean that in the best possible way! You can tell BB that I think you are just the best, and I mean that! Kathy

  3. You are a doodle...which is why we love you!!!!

  4. That is the exact scenario that would have occurred in the movie. I love it.

    The screenplay for the movie was published in our middle school anthology, so I taught it for years. Such a great story.

    Fabulous bosses are the best... so are fabulous employees!

  5. I only be-friend doodles. The others, I do not trust. New York is the best, and I did sleep. I thought Vegas was the city that never sleeps?

  6. Good luck with that grant ~ I've only written one and don't care to write another ~ so many little details and very time consuming.

    Cute story ~ I think she is paying him back for all the times he woke her in the middle of the night. You know ... as an infant, toddler, teenager. :)


  7. Your post made me giggle. I am meeting my mother in a few hours!

    Yes, BB, Belle is VERY LIKED!!!! This should further illustrate the point,while hopefully not sounding creepy. While driving from PA to FL, I told my husband that I wished we could visit Belle. We have never met, but I just know it would be so much fun to see her in person.

  8. What a cute story. It made me smile.

  9. I bet BB doesn't need anyone to tell him you're special. He MUST know already.

    Cute post! Loved the movie too.


  10. I love this post. Super Cute!

    Come on. BB has to know everyone loves ya Belle! How could it be any other way?!

  11. Cute story. Sorry I probably didn't comment in time to show how popular you are.

    Have been out of sorts a bit...but getting back into the blog of things.

    I really find that your blog is one of the first I miss ")

    NO, I am not just saying that for BB's sake ")


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