Sunday, July 31, 2011

Analyze This...

So...not only do Hank and I write checks (or make an online payment) for our own bills each month, but we also are responsible for making sure that the bills of the following people get paid each month...
1. My mother    2. Ned    3.  Hank's mother.

Now before you go thinking that we're these wonderful generous people, we aren't paying their bills with our money...they have their own money.  We just receive the bills and write the checks from their accounts.  I deal with Mother and Ned, and Hank deals with his mother. 

It can be time consuming, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that it's a burden.  I'm thankful that they're all blessed with enough income to cover the many people struggle to get things taken care of for elderly or disabled relatives.

Here's the thing.  I'm organized...I have everything in Quicken and payments go in the mail around the first of the month...everything except the Green Grove check and the pharmacy bill because I don't receive those until around the 10th.  Easy peasy...right?

This is where you analyze...I get really ticked off when I go to address envelopes.  No problem when an envelope is included or pre-addressed.  Just the ones for Ned's house mostly... Isn't that odd?  As a matter of fact, I'm feeling my blood pressure go up just typing this post about addressing the envelopes, which I did about 15 minutes ago.  That's two blood pressure spikes within half an hour, which can't be good.

Lord have mercy...I'm TOUCHED in the head.


  1. So nice of you! Have you ever tried Bill Pay directly from their online accounts? It's SO easy, quicker and eliminates the envelope and stamp!

  2. It's the little things sometimes that pushes our buttons. Boy, don't I know!


  3. I agree, it's the little things that send me right over the edge too. I converted to online bill pay several years and never looked back, don't even have a paper check in the house.

  4. (hoping this comment will go through)...The addressing is tedious, so why not have either an address stamp made (cute ones on etsy) or run a stack of pre-printed labels through your printer, once a year or so? that way, it eliminates the time needed to address....I would think that is the time spent doing something repetive that bothers you (not like you have a lot of extra time!!)


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