Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summerhouse Weekend

Last weekend, Hank and I left Lorelai in charge of house and home while we slipped away to the summerhouse. We were lazy lazy people most all weekend long. We meandered into Beaufort proper to run a couple of errands and have some lunch on Saturday.  Otherwise, we we're doing one of the following: sitting in our lounge chairs on the dock, riding in the boat, reading, eating, or sleeping. When we felt especially energetic, we'd do two of those things at the same time.  Like sitting in a lounge chair AND reading. Yes, indeedy, we're crazy adventurous like that sometimes.

I'm no great photographer, but I did play around with my camera a bit.  Enjoy...

This last photo is the view straight across the water from our lounge chairs on the dock. 


  1. Gorgeous photos! Looks so relaxing too!

  2. That cow and the palm tree picture is something else! So artistic unexpected and neat!

  3. Glad yall got some relaxing time together! Gorgeous photos!

  4. Your photos are fabulous! That view is heavenly! What kind of camera are you using? It's almost time for us to get back to work, isn't it? Wow! The summer has flown by! XOXO

  5. What beautiful pictures! Youhave a great eye, and such a great view too!

    Glad you were able to sneak away and be lazy all weekend with your husband!

  6. Nothing beats a lazy weekend! So glad you had the chance to have one! And love the pics!!


  7. Sounds like a well-deserved, wonderful weekend! Glad you had a good time!

    And I love the cow picture!


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