Monday, July 18, 2011

The Wisdom of Preston

Preston is a high school friend of our Lorelai.  He's in the Air Force and not home very often these days.  He wandered into town a couple of weeks ago and as usual, Lorelai landed over at his Nana's house for lunch one day.  She adores his Nana but was also very excited about riding on his new motorcycle. Being Lorelai, she was dressed in a pair of cute JCrew shorts and her sparkle shoes...silver Toms.  As they got ready to leave, Preston stated the following in no uncertain terms...

Lorelai, you need to go upstairs and change.  You cannot ride on my motorcycle in shorts and those Wizard of Oz shoes.

Now, as you can see, they weren't exactly ruby slippers, but you can sort of see where he was coming from!!

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