Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Turning something bad into something positive...

There seem to be a whole lot of folks outraged (and that might not even be a strong enough word) at the outcome of the Anthony trial in Florida.

Here's what I wonder...What would happen if all of the upset people who are ranting and raving all over the place channeled that energy into doing something or a series of somethings for abused or neglected children in their own communities?

We can't do a thing about what just happened in Florida...but we surely can do something in our own hometowns.

The challenge...what can YOU do??


  1. I do all I can to donate time, and money to local children's charities.
    I feel good knowing that I can make a difference, even if it isn't always apparent.
    Casey is worse off being free because it seems that she is hated by most. Jail might be safer.

  2. Honestly even if people just make sure the kids in THEIR life feel loved then something was learned from this whole fiasco. Signing the petition for Caylee's law would also be a positive way to help rather than these people sitting around being angry.

  3. SO agree with you! It's all so unreal!

  4. Completely agree with you!

    Also agree with Funny In My Mind...she is probably safer in jail, there's a whole lot of anger and resentment out there right now.

  5. Great idea. The people who are "ranting and raving" are wasting their time. Do they have real jobs? The defense team, hopefully, has a plan in place for Ms. Anthony when she's released from prison next Wednesday. The presence of danger for her lurks mightly if they don't. We have a mentoring program within our school system. It's a good program for the people without real jobs to get involved with and much better then venting their emotions publicly about something they can do absolutely nothing about.

  6. I like what you're saying and I will!!!


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