Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekends and Weddings

We just had a wedding-themed weekend all around.  Hank and I had a wonderful quiet dinner in celebration of our anniversary at Peninsula Grill, one of our absolute favorite (as in we are never ever disappointed) restaurants downtown.

Lorelai was a "plus one" at a wedding over on Sullivan's Island.  I think the photo of her being "dipped" by her date at the party after the rehearsal is SO cute!!  She looked adorable in her Lilly and Jack Rogers.

Hank was dozing in his chair when she called after the wedding reception to tell us that she'd caught the bouquet.  He sat STRAIGHT UP.  What a beautiful bouquet...

Legare was a plus one at a wedding in Winston-Salem. He says he has to go back "on the grid" at least once each weekend while studying for the bar, lest he lose his cotton picking mind.  Six weeks of study down. Two weeks to go!  Three weeks until the move from Chapel Hill to Charlotte.

My babies aren't babies anymore...


  1. Sorry, I must be the only one not in on the know...What does "plus one" mean?
    Lorelai looks pretty in her Lilly. Isn't it funny how certain comments can bring the near dead back to life?

  2. I love wedding weekends in the summer! They are always so fun. :)

  3. Summer weddings are the best!

    Good luck to Legare with his studying. My cousin took the bar (and passed-yippee!) last year. It's a lot of hard work to prepare for it.

  4. Lorelai looks gorgeous! You better start planning for her wedding now that she caught the bouquet! ;)


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