Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Events of the Week

Big Event #1- Lorelai's 21st Birthday

Big Event #2- Legare and the Bar Exam, North Carolina style.

Details:  Hank and I took Lorelai and friends to Oku on upper King.  The food was fabulous and our server appropriately interested and excited about the birthday celebration.  After dinner, we moved our party down to Charleston Place, where we had a toast to the birthday girl and then presented Lorelai and her gal pals with keys to a room for the night at Charleston Place.  We then proceeded to drive our tired "parents of the birthday girl" selves home and left the "young folks" (as my grandmama would say) downtown to enjoy the nightlife. By all accounts they had a wonderful time.  Several handsome young men joined them through the pub crawl, which I'm told covered eight to ten city blocks, from the Market back to upper King. Her gift from Hank and me was the birthday celebration, along with her recent trip to Italy. Legare is providing her with tickets to the Hootie and the Blowfish concert over on Daniel Island in August.  Mother and Ned gave her a gorgeous bag...I'll show you a photo in another post.  You're gonna want one...I'm just saying...

Legare sat for the Bar Exam on Tuesday and Wednesday in Raleigh. He's relieved (and we're relieved) that the exam has finally come and gone. He worked diligently to prepare.  Now the really hard part comes...the WAITING!  Several of his friends who are already practicing have told me that the weeks between exam and results were torture and really played with their minds...second guessing and all that. Legare will be focusing this next week on getting packed and moved from Chapel Hill to Charlotte.  After that, he'll sort of be at loose ends until he begins work in October.  I think I'm going to make all of mother's doctor appointments and let him take her.  THAT, my friends, will keep him busy (and will likely also play with his mind....)

I don't have any bar exam photos, as you surely understand; however, I have a few of Lorelai's special night.  She's lucky to have such wonderful friends to share the fun with...


  1. Sounds like yall have lots going on. She had a fabulous 21st birthday!!!

  2. What a fun birthday celebration ~ Happy Birthday Lorelai! My son turned 21 in June {we are now only 8 years apart :)}
    The wait must be SO difficult but keeping busy running a shuttle service will surly help ~ you are one smart mother! :)


  3. Wow! 2 celebrations!! Special birthday wishes to Lorelai and congrats to Legare! I'm sure the wait for the exam results will be very stressful, to say the least!


  4. Ahh, the 21st bday celebration! I remember it well...Tiger Town Tavern style.

    Can't wait to see the bag! You know how they have those commercials that say, "there's an app for that?"

    Well, my motto is, "I have a bag for that!" :)

  5. Awww what great pics and celebrations! It's been a good summer for us and our children; yes, it has. I am sure Legare passed the bar. Just have that good feeling as I am sure he prepared!! XOXO

  6. Wow! Lots of big occasions going on at your house! Congrats! I chose to start reading THE HELP first and I'm so glad I did! It was killing me earlier to put it down and can 14 quarts of tomatoes! Headed back to read it now!

  7. Happy Birthday to Lorelai! It's amazing to think that she was just going off to college when I started reading your blog. Great big changes in the last few years, and all good stuff! Fingers crossed for Legare, but I am sure hard work and preparation were on his side.


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