Saturday, September 20, 2008

Be a Follower of Belle...You can even call me by my first name if you want

I really like the new follower thingy on my dashboard. That actually sounds kind of "the others" on Lost or some weird cult thing. Whatever...Won't you be my follower??

Oh...and this might make me sound like the biggest snobby woman in the world (and really I'm not) but in three different stores today, the salespeople walked up to me with hands outstretched and said, "Hi, I'm Sue/John/Ginger and you are...?"

I really do appreciate the people who help me when I shop, and in my favorite stores we are always on a first name basis. My favorite person, Weezie, in my favorite store, Gwynns of Mt. Pleasant, is on a pedestal as far as I'm concerned. I wear an outfit she picked out for me and I'm gonna get compliments. For general looking around though, I kind of like to live in my own little bubble when I shop...I'm not rude...I smile and speak to people...say excuse me and please and thank you, but I'm not generally out to learn the name of every person I encounter for five minutes. Maybe I should make a game out of it and give them fake names...

In yet another store, as I checked out and the 20 year old salesgirl handed back my ID she'd asked for with my credit card (I don't mind that what with all the dishonest people out there who try to use other people's cards), she said, "Thanks so much, Belle...I hope you have a great day." Yes, I appreciate the sentiment for the great day, but she does not know me and I'm old enough to be her mother...we are NOT on a first name basis. I've lived across the street from the same lady for 23 years and still call her Mrs. Jackson for goodness sake. Maybe it's a southern thing that I'm like this...or maybe I'm a very snobby woman and didn't know it, in which case this is bad...this is very bad.

Okey dokey then, perhaps I've gone a little bit around the bend here but does the "overly familiar" thing bug anybody else?

PS...don't forget to follow!! :)


  1. I agree. She should've called you by your last matter how old you are!My hubby gets mad that our son's friends call him Mr. John. He thinks it should be by his last name. It is hard--I don't care either way except I think teachers should ALWAYS be called by their last name. Call me old-fashioned, but I'm only 35!

  2. can always do this...when they ask "and you are?" Say, "My name is Ann but you can call me Victoria Elizabeth for short." now, girl...that stops those little minds in their tracks...and you must just smile sweetly as if you didn't say anything odd...THEN they will treat you with respect (maybe just masking their fear of you but respect none the less! LOLOL).

  3. Yup, I like the follower doo-dad too!

  4. Yeah. I am with you!! People calling me by my first name when they don't know me creeps me out too!

  5. Belle, I, too, dislike being called by my first name by sales people and by telemarketers on the phone. It's just plain rude, in my opinion, and shows a lack of respect for their customers.

    I enjoyed reading about your favorite things and you've inspired me to do a post on mine sometime.



  6. I'm not with Blogger so I can't have that follower thingy. I'm jealous.

    Ok, so I just tried to "follow" you but for some reason it isn't working. There is nothing to click.

  7. I loved this post! It does seem like the southern hospitality is fading away! I am 27 years old and a single mom of a 5 year old girl and I'm trying to instill the southern Belle in her (her name is Isabella, so...). I love the idea of one Belle-ah...."my name is Ann but you can call me Victoria Elizabeth for short!" That is hilarious! Or you could just say, That is Queen Belle to you. LoL, it's not like you will see them again, going to add you to my following...

  8. I am still trying to figure out how to follow. I suppose that I need to get a techie person to assist me, since I have not been successful, thus far. I like to give "permission" for folks to use my first name. Friends of my older daughter, who are now grown, have that nod. I don't love it when total strangers invade that space. But then, I am not happy when people who are less than 10 years younger than I am, say "Yes, Mam!" That seems to be a sign of respect for those who are significantly younger. . .another generation! Just personal preference, I suppose!


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