Monday, September 8, 2008

McMommy Wins the Life of a Southern Belle Award

Dang...McMommy is GOOD in case you didn't already know. Her $30 Investment post put her over the top to receive the Life of a Southern Belle Award. She managed to get her pediatrician's cell phone number in style...STYLE, I say! Hop on over there and read all about it.


  1. She's pretty amazing! And a quick thinker, to come up with that swap. Go McMommy!

  2. GASP!!!!!


    I won the Southern Belle Award??????

    And I didn't even have to bribe you or buy you a Houston Colts .45 hat????!


    I'm so happy!!!!!!!

    Thank you ever so much! What a lovely, pretty, classy award!

  3. thanks for visiting my blog ... I am going to add you to my list!

    have a great evening


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