Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Want to Hold Your Hand

I was having a word of prayer (that’s belle-speak for a serious conversation) in a school hallway the other day with a teddy bear of a kid named Darnell. It seems that Darnell, an 8th grader, was having problems staying on task in a couple of his classes. He was daydreaming and annoying the students around him with his fidgeting. This behavior had to stop and since I had about an hour before my next meeting, my very serious question to Darnell was this…Do I need to go with you to your computer applications class and hold your hand so that you’ll pay attention, not bother other people and get your work done?

His reply…just as serious and heartfelt as he could be…Well, you can come sit by me if you really want to but you won’t be able to hold my hand. I’ve got to be able to type!

You can’t make this stuff up…


  1. That is too funny.
    Middle schoolers. Gotta love them.

  2. email me your address, your sassy happy is ready to ship!

  3. LOL .... I can certainly relate-I have 3 boys! ;)


  4. and definitely not with middle schoolers either! They're my favorite.

    A package is on it's way to you! Happy Wicked Fall!


  5. I love kids. They tell it like it is!

  6. Wonderful! My friend, Tammy, is a writer and a substitute teacher, plus a single mom, etc...and she always has THE BEST stories to share...things the students have either said to her, or she overheard!


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