Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week in Review

1. The Atlanta Bread Company across from the Lexington Medical Center right off of I-26 in the Columbia, SC area is the first recipient of the "You're Should Be Ashamed of Yourself" prize. We were sleepy and caffeine-deprived as we traveled up to Clemson yesterday morning and pulled into ABC at 7:45 thinking we'd get a little sustenance. There were cars...and people holding coffee cups and boxes of food were chatting in the parking lot. We got out of the car and walked right in the door ONLY to hear one of the voices in the parking lot yelling, "Folks...FOLKS...we do not open until 8:00 a.m...You can't go in there." Now let's review...people in parking lot with coffee and food, lights on, door OPEN! Would not selling us two little cups of coffee and a chocolate croissant been the gentlemanly thing for him to do? I say we boycott that particular location of ABC. BOYCOTT, I say! Thank goodness Starbucks a few miles further up the road did not let us down. Pike Place roast and a cranberry orange scone...very nice!

2. Lorelai made the Clemson club softball team. Yep, once again, we're pretty darn proud.

3. In one of Legare's law school classes last week, he had the distinction of being the ONLY person the professor called on for the entire session. Yes indeedy, the spotlight was on the boy! He survived and reports that he doesn't think he sounded "too stupid"; however, the fact he called to tell me about it as he was purchasing a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black might indicate that it was just a tad bit stressful.

4. If you've been following, you know that I took a minimalist approach to tailgating for the first Clemson home game. Here's how things looked this week...MUCH improved, if I do say so myself. We were so hot and hungry after the game that I neglected to get any photos of the food...chicken salad, deviled eggs, homemade pimento cheese, cucumber sandwiches, orange sprinkled sugar cookies, orange and grape soft drinks, Newcastle Brown Ale, and ice cold water. You know, the man next spot over ROLLED his eyes when he heard me say "cucumber sandwiches." Clearly, he's never had a cucumber sandwich...


  1. Your tailgate setup is too cute!

  2. Your tailgating spot looked FAB! And who doesn't know what a cucumber sandwich is?!?! A tailgate staple if you ask me! Love 'em!

    We watched from one of the bars downtown and nearly melted just walking the 1/4 mile from the car!! So, I can only imagine how hot it was in the Stadium.

    Congrats to the daughter for making Clemson Club Softball! Awesome!

    And in reference to the litte darlings who were hammered? The bar we were in had some cutie pie girls and hottie boys who had gone way past the point of being Southern Belles and Gents, let me tell ya! ;)

  3. I had to stop by when I saw your hydrangea picture...what a fun blog! I love the Clemson tent and fun! sprinkled cookes would be fun...decorate with purple icing with a big "C"!
    -Sandy Toes

  4. What a sweet spread you had for the tailgating party! :-)

  5. That looks so fun. I love your rug.

    I would totally eat your cucumber sandwiches.

  6. Congrats to Lorelai and Legare - very cool!

    Have a great week - Kellan

  7. ABC couldn't serve you at 7:45 because it would be a breach of their franchise agreement to serve you anything before the opening time explicitly noted in the aforementioned agreement. Duh.

  8. Uh oh--my husband went to GA Tech--but as it happens, my son is nuts about tigers, so he usually cheers for Clemson.

    Your hydrangeas are gorgeous!

    Thanks for stopping by The Journey on my SITS day!

  9. Your post takes me back to our tailgating days when my husband was in law school at Kentucky. I enjoyed the food and fellowship more than the football, I have to admit. I see you went all out on the decorating like my friends and I loved to do!

  10. Sugar - it's not a southern tailgate without homemade pimento cheese and cucumber sandwiches.

  11. Love your set-up. No tailgaitng for me until we get some cooler weather down here in FL! I just can't do it in the 95+ degree temps.


  12. You did fantastic!...and I CAN NOT believe that you got an eyeroll over cucumber sandwiches!!
    We have to be there between 8 and 9 this weekend to check Lovebug in to be a cheerleader for the day so it looks like I will be packing a brunch spread and then a small lunch spread for during the game. Fun times!!

  13. You make tailgating look like fun even to a sports illiterate girl like me!

    My daughter has started asking for cucumber sandwiches. I have no idea where she got the idea from, but I'm happy to oblige.

  14. My hubby & son went to this game & came home sunburned & exhausted. I do wish it would stay cool around here for some football.

    They were a little disappointed with the transplants from NC it may take #1 son some time to actually start rooting for Clemson.


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