Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Todd the Trainer...Again

I suggested to Todd the Trainer this afternoon that if he was just going to stand there and look at me while I was being tortured by the confounded elliptical machine that he might fan me with his clipboard as it was hotter than the hinges of hades in that gym. I even offered to bring him a giant fan next time so that he didn't have to use the clipboard...seemed reasonable to me.

He declined!


  1. This post has me in stitches! My husband said to tell him, "Earn that dollar! Start fannin' me!"

  2. I don't have a trainer to even tease about fanning me, but I find that I am spending MORE time on the machines and weights that seem to be under or near the AC vents! HOT FLASHES are NOT POWER SUIRGES in the gym!

  3. I agree with you whole heartedly. The fan is a must. After about 6 months of running on the treadmill and sweating bullets, I finally had that light bulb moment and plugged in the oscillating fan and I swear I heard angels sing.

    Maybe you could tie one of those tiny battery powered fans to the's better than nothing.


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