Wednesday, October 29, 2008

100th Post....Goodness Gracious

This is my 100th post...THANK YOU for following and reading (even those of you who stalk anonymously) and especially for commenting!! Comments are like some kind of seriously addictive drug...the more you get, the more you want (or so they tell me). What started out as a fun little way to document the busy spring and summer as we graduated our children from high school and college and moved them out to college and law school has turned into QUITE the hobby.

In the Land of Belle, everybody gets three wishes on the occasion of their 100th post and everybody who reads the post should be required (Required! I SAY) to grant the blogger's three wishes. Here are mine:

Wish #1 - Comment (it would be way cool to get 100)
Wish #2 - I'm ready to update my Reader...tell me your favorite blog so I can check it out.
Wish #3 - Peace on Earth. Just do whatever you can. Every little bit helps.

Looking forward to hundreds more posts...



  1. Congrats on your 100th!!! Way to be!! I love reading your blog and I also love KatyShops at
    OK - so now I only have that peace on earth thing...
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Congrats! Love your bog and of course I love mine, ha! Molly's Mom at is great too!

  3. A big congrats on your 100th post! I've enjoyed getting to know you through our blogs.
    Here's a blog that I like - can't get over all the amazing cookie designs!


  4. Happy 100!

    And you are off, heading toward 100 comments on your 100th post!

    I like to check in on Bayou Woman at

    And now to head out and add peace on earth, hmmm I think I can add peace at the Farmer's Market I am going to- yay!

  5. HAPPY 100th!

    My favorite blogs ... hmmmmm.... may have to get back to you on that one!

    My wish right now is for a cup of coffee. I need one! My wish for you is that you have a looooveely day! :)

  6. Yay for 100 posts :) That's awesome! I really enjoy your blog and I also love
    I will do my best to spread peace on Earth today :) Happy Wednesday!

  7. YAYAYAYAY! Congrats on your 100th post!!!!! I love photography so check out Jasmine Star Photography!

  8. Congrat! Have a great day and I hope you get 100's of comments :) Sorry, I can't narrow down to just one fav blog...

  9. Yay for the 100th!!! THat is awesome! I really love nikki's blog at blah, blah, blah, blog! she is a lot of fun and a lot of people followe her so i wouldnt be surprised if you did too! Have a great 100th and I hope all your wishes come true!!

  10. You've been tagged click HEREto go now! ~*giggle*~

    CONGRATS on 100th! THAT is GREAT!

  11. Congratulations on 100 great posts! I hope to see another 100+!

    Of course your blog is one of my faves but I also like Seven Clown Circus

    Now to work on the whole peace on earth....I am making more holiday cards tonight. Maybe I can at least spread a little joy when I send them?

  12. Happy 100th post!!
    So cool isnt it!!

  13. Happy 100! Yay!

    One of my favorite reads is Amy Beth:

    She's a hoot!

  14. Congrats on 100!! And thanks so much for visiting my blog.

    I will be visiting often.

  15. Yay! How awesome is it that my birthday is your 100th blogiversary???? Congrats!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Congrats again!

    Trying to get you to your 100th :)

  17. Congrats on you 100th blog, your wishes are granted!!

  18. Best wishes!!

    Sarah @ Jeune Marie

  19. Congratulations on your 100th post! Maybe one day I'll read every post from your very first one!

    My favorite blog is

    I am also a fan of my Christmas blog

    Now get busy on your next 100!

  20. Well, here I am at #25, trying to grant your wish! :)

    Thanks for your birthday wishes on my blog yesterday.

    Happy 100th post!

  21. Happy 100th!

    My favorite blog would be the CNN political blog. I love politics.


  22. Hola......happy 100th post! check out Mild Mannered Boy (it's on my blog list).

  23. Congratulations on 100 posts! Time flies when you're having fun and I'd say that we are!!

  24. Just trying to get a little closer to 100!!

  25. Congratulations on a 100. It really sneaks up on you doesn't it?

    This is one of my favorites. She is my mom but that isn't the reason I like her. She is funny and she cooks. Her food is amazing. I know first hand. She takes beautiful pictures too. Tell her I sent you and maybe she will make me some cookies. Thanks.

  26. Hi, friend. Congrats on your 100. I just had my 100, too!

  27. Hey, congratulations! That's awesome!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting today - I really appreciate that. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts...

    Take care and enjoy your celebration!

    :^) Anna


    I have several favorite blogs - yours, lemon annie, just ask beth, and one that touches my heart everyday is can i be pretty in pink (deenasstory).

    I will try and do at least one good deed today....maybe spread good cheer to a fellow clemson fan.

    Have a good day and CONGRATS again.....and GO TIGERS!!!!!

  29. Couldn't remember if I commented or not! Wow, 100! I am not even to 200 and have been blogging for over a year!
    One of my favorite blogs is The Shabee Chick! You can find her at, I think. I love to hear all the things she does with her girls! They are younger than my children, but she is such an inspiration!

  30. Congrats on 100! Here's to many, many more!

  31. Just finding some quiet Me time to catch up on blogs....congrats on #100!!!

  32. Congrats on your 100th "episode".I just came across your blog and only wish my looked as good as yours. Maybe when I finish having kids and get all of my them in school, there will be more time or atleast they won't be hanging off my arm while I am trying to! I would love for you to check mine out one day and say hello! Have a great week!


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