Friday, October 10, 2008

A Note to Tommy Bowden and the Tigers're breaking my heart! What in the world is going on??

TOMMY...I'm a pretty fair motivational speaker and I'm volunteering here and now to be your life coach to help you through this. You've got too much talent on that field to be playing ball like this. I'm thinking your guy up in the booth coaching the offensive line could use my help also. Just leave me comment and I'll take personal leave and come to Clemson to help you out before the Georgia Tech game.

Your friend and concerned fan,


  1. My Tigers have been disappointing me too (Auburn)! I watched y'alls game last night. I was pulling for Clemson! It is so disappointing when your team loses! I know that for sure :)

  2. Sorry about your loss. Sorta, I mean. I might have chuckled inside when I heard the score, but just on the inside. On the outside I'll try to be sad for my Clemson friends.

  3. My thoughts exactly. We have way too much talent on that team to play like we do. For some reason the "boys" are not gelling. They do not look like they are giving 100%. I am the first person to scream - DO NOT FIRE THE COACH(ES) - that is such a Carolina thing to do. I believe in you isolate the problems and work like heck to correct them. I just do not know if this is correctable. I think the man in the box (RS) needs to good "Come To Jesus Meeting" and the team needs an uplifting and motivating experience.....Got Any Ideas?????

    I am dreading next week-end. I am a die hard loyal fan, and will have orange wings when I die (which may be sooner than later as my heart can't take much more). I will still be a loyal fan no matter what the season holds.

  4. Rumor on the street is he's getting fired THIS week! He is such a good guy and I hate the thought of it, but after last night I don't know what to say! I hope they keep him on until Halloween...this family is going to be the Tiger team: the Coach, cheerleader, football player, and the Tiger!! hehe!

  5. May I just copy this letter, change the name to Phillip Fulmer and the Vols, and send it... ouch - losing hurts so badly... :)


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