Sunday, October 19, 2008

Do we stand by Dabo and the Tigers? YES WE DO!!!

I'm inspired by The Pink Owl and her post about Clemson's game yesterday. No, we didn't win. Yes, we made a few mistakes...but...Dabo Sweeney brought a renewed enthusiasm to the field, a clear love for his players, and did a few new things that gave me goose bumps (the good ones).

The players looked so handsome in the suits and ties as they walked into the stadium to suit up for the game. Dabo kissed Howard's Rock and led them down the hill to cheers the like of which have not been heard in Death Valley for awhile now. He's been interim head coach for all of six days and 80,000 people showed up to watch his first performance. Oh, NO stress THERE! Let's give him some time, why don't we...

The Clemson athletic director Terry Don Phillips, stood on the sideline with a disgusted look on his face most of the time, not appearing to serve any practical purpose unless SCOWLING is a practical purpose. He should be ashamed of himself and, as I commented to The Pink Owl, I hope Terry Don has a SOUTHERN BELLE of a wife who let him have it when he got home in regard to setting a good example...No "Life of a Southern Belle" award for sireee! Hop on over to see what The Pink Owl had to say about all of was brilliant!


  1. Sorry about your Tigers. I watched the game and was impressed with Coach Sweeney and what he is trying to do. He is making the players be more accountable and set a good example. The announcers were talking about the walk with suits/no i-Pods, etc. I am glad you are excited about your new coach and the prospects for the team And we can both say "Go Orange" in support of one another. That's how we bloggers "roll" you know ;) Have a great day.

  2. One word for Mad Men last week...weird...can't wait to see what they are planning for these last 2 episodes.

  3. AMEN! I, too, thought the Tiger Walk was great! I'm surprised someone would criticize that?!? I just felt like Dabo brought a renewed sense of "team" to the boys and you could just tell they were having fun again. They lost, yes, but barely and it was predicted they would get rolled over! Terry Don needs to tone it down. I thought he was just plain rude. On the local news here last night, he was quoted as being "none too happy with ESPN" since they criticized him on TV for being on the sideline. Hmmm, sounds like they called him out and he didn't like it! ;)

    P.S. Thank you for your sweet comment on Friday's post! Hope you have a great week! GO TIGERS!!

  4. I am a GAMECOCK fan but let me tell you one thing I sure was pulling for DABO! I hope he wins the rest of the year except you know the last game, but seriously what in the hell is wrong with Athletic Dir. he should have been rallying the troops instead of coaching from the sidelines!! I like DABO and you can tell he loves those boys and CLEMSOn, reminds a little bit of Danny Ford!!

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  6. I sat in Oakland waiting for a plane I was going to work on yesterday and watched that game at the bar! I thought of you and your daughter! Sorry about the loss...

  7. I hope Dabo gets the job at the end of the season! He brings an enthusiasm that this team needs. Still hate the comments Cullen and my man, CJ made to the press! Hopefully the rest of our season will be looking up!!

  8. Look at all of you and your football...How cute!
    -Sandy Toes

  9. I was thrilled Saturday with the appearance of our boys and coaches during the Tiger Walk. We had our PRIDE back. I believe Dabo will bring the PRIDE back to CLEMSON...the players need to have pride in the team, the university, and themselves. They seem to have lost that along the way.

    I was overcome with emotion when he kissed the rock and ran down the hill. (I know it was an emotional moment and part was a hormonal moment - what'cha gonna do? I will cry at he drop of a hat these days)

    As always, I was very proud to be a TIGER.

    The only dark spot on Saturday was TDP. He should be absolutely ashamed of himself, and should be called to the President's Office for a "Come To Jesus Meeting".

  10. I've been thinking of you this football season! It's not been an easy season to be an Auburn tiger either. I'm hoping Vandy turns around from losing to Georgia and makes it to a bowl.

  11. One thing I've got to say about you Clemson fans, you're true blue (or true orange)!


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