Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Know...It's a Bummer

After such a fun giveaway week, this week seems kind of dull. Well, dull from a blogging perspective but LIFE....whew...not a dull moment here.

Legare did a friend a favor last Friday night by driving her home from a party. Her SUV was much larger than his Passat and he bumped another vehicle in the parking lot. WELL...as he is no longer on our car insurance, he's had to try to figure this whole thing out with his new insurance company and the other two people involved and has wanted to consult (and rightfully so...we're glad he calls) his dad at every turn. (Maybe I could come up with a new lawyer joke...what happens when three law students have to negotiate a fender bender...Oh never mind...I'm terrible with jokes.) Everything is fine but it took up most of Legare's weekend after he had practice exams on Friday.

In the meantime, Lorelai has decided that she wants to change her major from Food Science/Nutrition to Early Childhood Education. I've always believed that she has the heart of a teacher...and ultimately a counselor and told her so a couple of years ago when she started thinking about college. Nutrition and exercise will always be a huge part of her life (she's SO much better than me!) but as a hobby/lifestyle and not a career. A lot of my educator friends are saying "NO, not education...it's a thankless job," but I tell you, I think that individuals are CALLED to be educators much like people are called to be pastors. (That's not to say that there aren't people in both professions who weren't called, but then they're often not very good at what they do.) I know I was called to be an educator and feel it deep down in my soul that Lorelai has been as well.

So....part of the hubbub of the week has been trying to decide whether or not she should just drop Chemistry since she won't need it. Dropping the four hour course would put her one credit hour under full time student status and that opens up a whole heap of mess, so, she's just going to have to tough it out. It won't be a barrel of laughs that's for sure, BUT we just gotta do what we gotta do with a Southern Belle smile on our face (while we grit out teeth and say ugly words under our breath) and get through it. But you know...part of the lifestyle in the Land of Belle is a PRIZE when we've had to work really really hard.

Hey Lor....are you reading this...can you say "shopping spree" when the semester is over? (Don't tell your brother or he'll be making a shopping list too!) Remember those cute shoes on Petunia's blog? I know Weezie would love to see us in Gwynn's right around Christmas time. Those peep toe pumps probably come in a bunch of colors. I got a Tiffany catalogue in the mail today...ahh...blue boxes with white bows...EVERYWHERE. (OK...maybe not everywhere but we can dream, can't we?) Lunch at Charleston Place...Copper Penny...Saks...dinner at The Woodlands. A SPA DAY!!!!!! YES YES YES YES...MAMA NEEDS A SPA DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on...Kick Chemistry's Patooty!!!!!!


  1. I believe teachers are called too. I hope she loves it.

    Sorry to hear about the accident but it sounds like he and you are handling it well.

    Did someone say spa day?

  2. Do you need to adopt another child? I'm available!

  3. Aaah--college chemistry--blech! It bored me to tears. I feel for Lorelai!!

  4. I so enjoyed this story. Check out my Blog. I have a little something for you.

  5. I love a good spa day....hated chemistry!

  6. I totally agree that teachers are 'called' into education. Both of my parents, 2 of my grandparents, 2 of my cousins and my sisters are all in education because of this calling. (I also think it gets into your genes, too!)
    What a great way to reward L for sticking it out...who wouldn't love a spa day?!?

  7. Can I be your daughter, too? Wow. What a good mom you are! Love it.
    I believe educators are "called" as well. Teachers can make or break a person. A kid in our case. We had such a horrible witch (I'm being really nice) last year for my 9 yr old. She stripped him of everything. He has an amazing teacher this year and he's a new kid. One woman broke him and one built him up. Both teachers. Yes, it's thankless, but so important to our youth. Thank you for encouraging Lorelai to go that route. We need teachers like that.
    (I'm climbing off the soap box now. Thanks.)

  8. Let Lor know we are all rooting for her here at the Kally casa.

  9. I loved highschool chemistry. College chemistry, not so much. Hopefully she'll be able to bear it out.

  10. The good ones are definitely called. It's the most natural thing in the world for them to be teachers. Good for you for supporting her decision. It always made me sad when colleagues discouraged their own children from entering our profession.


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