Thursday, October 30, 2008

Peace on Earth...Remotely Controlling

What a week. Thanks for the comments on my 100th post and for trying to help make my wishes come true. Didn't get to 100 comments but that's's QUALITY, not quantity that counts, right? We might, however, be just a little closer to Peace on Earth! Good Job!

Our TV/DVR remote has been acting up for a couple of days. I stopped by the cable company repair office during lunch, walking in with the express intent of walking out with a new one.

The guy at the desk politely asked if he could help and when I told him the problem, he indicated that I should have called the repair number and someone would have called me back and arranged a time to come out to our house and bring me a new remote. Now this seemed silly to me as I was STANDING right there trying to save their repair guy time and gasoline, so I said the first thing that came to my mind..."But this is an remote has lost its will to live."

He gave me a new remote.


  1. hahahahaha that is SO funny!! And you know he had to really get it! He's a guy, they understand remote emergencies right? What would we do without remotes?? I remember when I had to get up to change the challenges for my grandpa!

  2. Love the remote line... must remember that one!! :)

  3. Ok I laughed out loud. That is too funny and I'm glad it is fixed!

  4. Sorry you didn't make 100.

    Glad you have your new remote. Just wanted to say, I love love love DVR. I never watch TV in real time anymore.

  5. This is SO something I would do! Ha! Too funny!

  6. How funny. I don't know what I would do if my remote started getting wonky. I must remember that line for the future.


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