Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dance Away...FAR FAR AWAY!

You know...Kate Gosselin needs to go on home with her kids. She dances like a robot and lawsamercy she's a whiner!! At least Buzz Aldrin has a good excuse. He's old...

I declare...Cloris Leachman was better than Kate.

Are you watching Dancing with the Stars? Who's your favorite? The Olympics dude is pretty good and Erin Andrews is so elegant. The Pussy Cat Dolls gal is light on her feet. Neecie Nash is surprisingly graceful. I want Erin to stay so I can watch Maxim. GOLLY MOSES...he is GOOD LOOKING!!


  1. I haven't been watching this season, but according to twitter she is terrible! Maybe I should tune in:)

  2. I haven't been watching, but I heard that Kate Gosselin was dreadful. I had no idea that Evan Lysacek (sp?) was on or I might have tuned in. I would think that a figure skater would be a great dancer, is he? I'm just biding my time until the 13th - GLEE STARTS!

  3. I am watching right now and i agree with you. I also don't care much for Pam. I love Evan and Neecie and Erin also. Buzz is bad- a robot as well.

  4. I don't really watch too often...but I just love Max :) He is the cutest!!

  5. Kate is stiffer than a board when she dances and she has that painful smile plastered on her face. It's so uncomfortable to watch her dance! I think Nicole is by far the best this season.

  6. The only reason they are keeping her is b/c it is talked about how bad she is.

    She should of been kicked off day 1!

    I guarantee you that she has always been the one voted off but the producers keep her.

  7. I saw her the other night and she was just awful! Actually, I just don't get her or whole thing about 'her'.

  8. I agree re Kate. Jon & Kate Plus 8 is the only reality show I've watched. I just loved it in the beginning but, wow, did it go bad fast. I miss the darling children but Jon went wild and Kate, well, so did she. I cannot imagine her embarrassing herself in this way. Last night was the only time I've watched but she was TERRIBLE. In fact, if I'd seen her face coming toward me, I would have run. I do plan to watch next week to see if she gets any worse. I guess I'm still hooked on Kate.

    Thanks for the "forum".


  9. Girl, I LOVE Max. He is so yummy! I have had a crush on him for years. (I am happily married for 19 yrs:) I heard that they are an item. I don't think she is pretty but she can dance though.

    I like Evan, Niecy is really fun to watch, and the Pussy Cat girl is really good too.

    I am surprised that Kate is so horrible. She better go home. Jon has sued her for the kids. He is such a loser!

  10. I have not been watching, but I hear that Kate is not any good. Glad you are enjoying the show. I am just not much of a TV person. Love & blessings from NC!

  11. I haven't watched it everytime but was shocked the other night at how bad Kate was! She "is" a robot!!



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